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    Compound Bows....anybody own/use a Parker?

    Last year I got into bow hunting...so I'm a total rookie at it. Im right handed, but because of being left eye dominate, I shoot WAY better left handed I ended up with free, and pretty old, LH Bear 'Whitetail Hunter'. A bow hunting nut buddy of mine, updated it some, and got me started...
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    Archive through July 22, 2010

    The archive bug bit me........here is my ad, with the pictures FOR SALE: Unicorn brand Log Splitter for Garden Tractors. How many of these have you seen in person???? Be the ONLY one at the tractor shows with one It is 99% complete (missing some small bolts that hold...
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    Mower deck fitment to a 1712

    Hi guys, I have a question...... I'm wanting a mower deck for my 1712, and the price of the deck shell alone for a 50C style shell, has me wanting to go slightly more modern. The 1712 is the CCC version of the 782 with the aluminum transaxle and with the front hydraulic ports as standard...
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    Archive through February 04, 2008

    Wyatt: As Matt noted, my 1712 has the Series II in it. The engine in the tractor is/runs fine, with 721 hours on it. I was just wanting to warm it up slightly....minor hotrodding, since we use the tractor for normal duties. I don't really want to do a complete engine swap, unless the KT-17...
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    Archive through February 01, 2008

    My brother in law now has a nice 1864 with 54" mower deck in his barn A big THANK YOU goes to Marlin Heinlein of Cub Cadet Warehouse!
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    Archive through March 28, 2007

    That is great news about the K series parts David! Thanks for the info
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    Sprint Car video clips

    I have been checking out YouTube, and have found some sprint car clips. They show some of the cool side, and the violent side of sprint car racing! Here are some links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mZNujKnfIg&NR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6aef2M5uEo&NR...
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    First 'turkey shoot'

    Today I took my son to his first standing target 'turkey shoot' And I have good results!! We got to the Turkey shoot kinda late, and there was only 2 rounds left. Each round had 12 guys shooting a standing target from 100' using a 12ga. with a full choke. I shot the first round, and...
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    Your first gun

    Recently a guy I work with came out with a clay bird thrower, and some of his shotguns, and the two of us and my son shot trap for an afternoon. My son seemed like a 'natural' at it, and since he REALLY showed an interest, and he used the guns safely and properly, I decided to get him a shotgun...
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    Shooting clay birds with my son

    Hello folks! I had a great time yesterday afternoon, and just had to brag.......share. A little background first. Recently I bought my first shotgun. It's a Charles Daly Model VR-MC Field 12 ga. Left Hand, 28" barrel, semi-auto. I can't squint my left eye, so I have to shoot left...
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    Archive through September 24, 2006

    I have been making some good progress on the walkway and fire ring areas that I previously posted pics of. Today is nice and sunny here, so I will get some updated photos posted later. The 1712, 1450, and 1250 have all done their part to help....and have never missed a beat. Long Live Cub...
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    Here she is.........

    Here are some pics of my 1712...back together, cleaned up, and ready to rock!!
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    1712 Update/progress report

    A couple of weeks ago, I tried to fire up the 1712 to move it out of the shed, and the battery was dead, so we (my son and I) pulled it out of the way, and hooked it up to the charger. When we had gotten the stuff we needed, I unhooked the charger, and tried to fire it up again.....it fired and...
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    Archive through March 07, 2006

    Jerry M. The type/style of sleeve hitch you have (the one Charlie posted a picture of) was designed for use on the 'Original'. The 'newer' style lower bracket is a 'U' shape, and can be used with a stablizer plate, and adjustable jamb nuts.
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    Let the fun begin

    Yesterday morning, I went to my local dealer, and ordered manuals, and some small parts to begin on the 1712. One of the things I picked up/ordered, was a new seat. They had 'universal seats' sitting on a table right next to the parts counter....looked PDC to the original type seat...for...
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    Soon to be the owner of a 1712

    Well, my IH Cub Cadets are soon to meet a new 'big' brother. I just bought a CCC made model 1712, with a 42" power angle blade, and 50C deck shell. I am looking into picking it up Saturday. I have to thank/blame Roland Bedell In talking, and e-mailing with Roland, he told me that the...
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    Archive through October 10, 2005

    Thanks for the info Ken. I wonder if that (NLA parts) is going to start happening more and more frequently? Eventually the warehouses will run out of the NOS parts, and if MTD doesn't want to manufacture any more parts for the IH made tractors...................where does that leave all of...