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  1. J

    Sealed bearings on a mower hub?

    Hi - Got a older commercial walk behind here with 1 blade hub that's pretty noisy. Thought the bearings are dry so I went looking for a grease fitting on the hub, but there isn't one. Took apart the the hub and the bearings are sealed on both sides. I've rebuilt a few hubs in the past, including...
  2. J

    QA-42 driveshaft issues?

    I took the driveshaft on my QA-42 blower off and discovered that it seems to be frozen - doesn't slide. I think its supposed to telescope in and out when you raise or lower the blower. I think that being frozen puts a lot of axial stress on the needle bearings in the sprocket mounting bracket...
  3. J

    Engine swap from a narrow frame to wide frame

    Hi All, Been a long while since I've been working on my Cubs but time has finally come to get some work done. I have a 147 with a good motor and a 1450 with a weak motor. I'd like to swap motors and put the good motor in the 1450 which is all set up for winter with a blower and cab. I know the...