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  1. Cubbie

    Parts For Sale Cub cadet snow blower

    Hi Larry, has this been sold?
  2. Cubbie

    Parts Wanted FOUND - 54" GT Deck for 2182 SGT

    Hi Bret, were you able to find those items? I am just updating.
  3. Cubbie

    Other interests or hobbies

    I'm curious, and maybe others are as well. When you are not with/on your tractor, what other interests or hobbies do you spend time on?
  4. Cubbie

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  5. Cubbie

    Parts Wanted Mower Deck for Model 1863

    Hi, are you still looking? Please update.
  6. Cubbie

    Identification help

    Hello and welcome. Enjoy the forum.
  7. Cubbie

    Larry new to group thank you for allowing me to follow along. Peculiar Mo. for real.

    Welcome to the forum, Larry. By chance, can you share a pic or two of your tractor?:)
  8. Cubbie

    New to the game

    :welcome:to the forum, Dan'l. Enjoy!
  9. Cubbie

    New member from brown county ohio

    Welcome to the forum, Bubby. By chance, can you share some pics of your tractors?
  10. Cubbie

    New member

    Welcome, Harry. Enjoy the forum!
  11. Cubbie

    New member

    Welcome to the forum, Donald. Have fun!
  12. Cubbie

    Sean from Ontario Canada

    Welcome to the forum Sean. By chance can you share a pic or two of your 102?
  13. Cubbie

    Parts For Sale PeCo Motorized Vac Attachment

    Hi, is this still available? Please update.
  14. Cubbie

    New member from Manitoba

    Welcome to the forum, Brian. Nice tractors you have there.
  15. Cubbie

    New member

    Welcome to the forum, Frank. By chance can you share photos of your tractors?
  16. Cubbie

    New from Ohio

    Welcome to the forum Don. Enjoy!
  17. Cubbie

    New guy in South Central Virginia

    Welcome to the forum Mike. Good luck with the sale.
  18. Cubbie

    Parts For Sale K301 for sale

    Hi, has this been sold? Please update.