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    Geezers! Garage!

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    CUB 1450 OIL PAN

    Can the oil pan be removed on a Cub 1450 without removing the engine?
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    1862 Rear lift

    Does anyone have or have seen an 1862 with a rear lift?
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    For Sale an 86 and a 1650

    James, my offer to you is $500. Hopefully that is one you can't refuse.
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    For Sale an 86 and a 1650

    Would love to have the rebuilt 16hp.
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    rebuilt k-321 14hp cub cadet short block

    I see this is a few months old ad. Is it still available and where are you located?
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    Pull behind lawn sweeper

    I actually have a pretty decent pull behind lawn sweeper. It is built by Agri-Fab and is adjustable sweeping height plus dumps by rotating hopper backwards. The price 6 or 7 years ago was around $150.
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    782 with both plow and sleeve hitch...???

    Add front hydraulic ports and a cylinder to your plow? I actually have a 1450 with a triple hyd system I am working on. When finished the rear lift will be as stock design but the front will operate from two sets of disconnects to lift the plow and angle it as well.
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    1450 resto

    I hope you enjoy your 1450 as much as I enjoy and use mine!
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    Front wheel weights 8” for Cub Cadet 1450

    Can I ask what you are doing that you need front wheel weight?
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    I Still Like My 1250

    I could not agree more. I have a 1450 that plows gardens, tills gardens, plows and blows snow or just mows grass if I want to and I have all confidence in its performance.
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    Cub 1862 mower deck lift

    Anyone have a solution to increasing the range of lift on an 1862 50" mower deck? Mine only travels about 1" from full up to full down.