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    My 1450 Plymouth Meeting PA

    I just started my 1450 project, I just got this unit a few months ago. Been in the automotive field for over 35 years and was looking for a new project. When I started looking at tractors I knew I wanted a Cub again. I had a 70 series 20 years ago and still kick myself for selling. I found this...
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    Best Wife ever

    Just wanted to share with the group since I'm sure some of you can understand, Recently I started a project of restoring a 1450. I figured my wife was getting tired of hearing about it and I was boring her about it, I decided to stop sending her video's of cubs 😂 The last few weeks I was...
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    New member 1450 owner

    Hello All, Just purchased a 1450 with a 50 inch deck. I owned a 70 series years ago and keep kicking myself for getting rid of it. I been looking for a tractor for a while for working around the house and all the new stuff seems to be made cheaply or it was out of my price range. When I found...