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  1. proessler

    Tractor Wanted ATTACHMENT .....59M shredder Wanted!

    WANTED : Cub Cadet 59 M Front Mounted Shredder from 1970's. Hooks into QA , drives from front PTO...Located WI ,will consider all in midwest.
  2. proessler

    Parts For Sale Brinly Moldboard Plow

    Brand New in Box, Sleeve Hitch, can text pics of box. $250 South Central Wisconsin....608-698-6676
  3. proessler

    1811 /50C ....PTO/off

    Mowing with 1811 one hour, mower /PTO shuts off itself three random times & will engage again immediately. Is it time for new PTO Switch?
  4. proessler

    Plow, Disks, Deck,Snow Blower

    QA42A SBlower w/ hi-speed pulley & Belt....$150, 2- Brinly Sleeve Hitch Disks....$125 each, Craftsman by Brinly Sleeve Hitch 10" Moldboard Plow with coverboard...$175, 46" Hi-Vac mower w/sub-Frame & belt....$175 Can bring to Knapp PD 10/26/2019. Can text pictures....Located 53597... S.C. WI
  5. proessler

    Archive through December 06, 2018

    Mike F. , I second what Ron said about the 59M. Also a Bar screen works good with wetter debris, probably hard to find one though. Or just pull the screen out when shredding the wet material. Of course shut motor off when working on it.
  6. proessler

    Another Wisconsin Plow Day.. 4/9/2016

    Reedsburg ,WI....just west of WI Dells. April 9, 2016....... Rain Date April 23,2016 Same farm as last year....Town hall Road. Ag Tractor model years 1959 or Older. Garden tractors will have separate area. Facebook @ "Reedsburg Good Ole Plow Boys" for more detail & updates..
  7. proessler

    Reedsburg, WI PD

    Planning to see if any interest for GT PLOW DAY in April 2015. It would be combined with full size tractors of PRE 1960 or 1959 or older Farmalls , ALLIS, etc. There would be separate area for GT. The planning group meets March 8 for a decision whether to permit GT to plow & a Date. Location...
  8. proessler

    Plow day, 4/26/14, Reedsburg,WI

    4/26 ,Saturday 10:30am start. Plow day for full size Tractors 1959 models and or older. Garden tractors any and all. 70 acres,North east of Reedsburg. Last year we didn't get it all plowed, so they're inviting Garden tractors too. Town Hall Rd. south of County H. Park on west side field ,Plow on...
  9. proessler

    882D block heater

    Got block heater installed, finally. Now to cut out a hole in fan bracket to make room for heater & plug. Then install radiator, grill & hood and all other pieces.
  10. proessler

    Archive through January 19, 2014

    Brian G, Is the PTO switch in OFF position?
  11. proessler

    Danny D's 682

    Danny Check out the awesome FAQ & Charlie's FAQ areas. Also , go to Manuals section for 682 manual...Page 22 for brake pedal adjustment. Also hydro control springs may need attention or Charlies/FAQ #32... Hydro Trunnion repair maybe an issue.
  12. proessler

    Archive through March 20, 2013

    Norm, model#422437, type 4050 01,date code 90082312 for build date... 1990, 08/August,23/day @ plant #12. Go to Briggs & Stratton .com they list Owners & Parts Manual online.
  13. proessler

    R/W tractors-mowers

    Started career (?), 1973 summer mowing with 4400 Ford non ROPS with Mott 3 point 8' flail mower mowing around I-system delineator posts (50/mile). That 1st summer I got a new 1 gallon H2O jug & rubber strapped it to back of the seat... on that day decided to go nose first down a steep slope to...
  14. proessler

    Farmall 450 Fast Hitch

    Denny, on the lower left side above the beam socket, there's a lift link float (523085 R1) & the vertical float collar (522816 R1) on the right adjusting screw that gives float to the 450 FH. On the 300/400 series there's a pin to pull out (near top of lift link) that will give the FH float...
  15. proessler

    204 years, Abe

    Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln, also my oldest son born on 2/12...
  16. proessler


    Denny, nearly every new Farmall sold out of the Brooklyn IH dealer shop got CACL fluid in the rear tires back in the early 70's. The shop had a electric motor mounted on a board with V-belt driving a paddle pump.I think using a barrel and half of fluid to fill the largest tires (18.4's). We...
  17. proessler

    Craigslist $#@&^)*?>

    Anyone (Kraig) know if U can STOP those "Drop Down Deal" dodads from popping up on top the AD's script below AD pics, besides clickin' the X after they pop....??
  18. proessler

    Archive through August 14, 2012

    Kraig, thanks for posting my pic. One more Tech step ahead! Or still behind...
  19. proessler

    WI, Dane county PD??

    Working on Plow Day in NW Dane county in winter wheat field. Farm has good access. Gave farmer one of Kraig's PD videos last week. Keeping fingers crossed for positive thoughts...