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  1. mfrade

    MY Line UP for 2019/20 Snow Season

    Well if you don't get enough snow over there, you can bring'em to South Eastern Mass and help me out! LOL..
  2. mfrade

    new member

    Welcome Aboard CC guy. Nice to see you here and a couple of nice projects you've got there.
  3. mfrade

    1250 Engine Trouble

    I think David S. is right. I'd say check the small screen in the tank also.
  4. mfrade

    IH Cub Cadet White/Yellow Spray Paint

    Wow, that gate looks simply awesome! NICE piece of work.
  5. mfrade

    Hello from Tennessee

    Nice "fleet". And nice to see you here.
  6. mfrade

    tire chain alternative

    And I yours. Thanks for the insights.
  7. mfrade

    tire chain alternative

    Yes, but they (Ag chains) seem even more expensive. And I've done the narrow tire concept too. In my experience the wider turf tire with the cub weights inside and out and chains are the way to go, again, that's what I've found to work best. I haven't bothered to fluid fill the tires , haven't...
  8. mfrade

    tire chain alternative

  9. mfrade

    tire chain alternative

    In my experience with the Ag tires and chains, the chain falls into the gap of the tread and does nothing. Many fellas just add chains over the regular lawn tires and add some weight(s) and have no problems. My two cents.
  10. mfrade

    cub125 stubborn pto bearing

    Good News / Bad News kinda day right?.. I've heard of folks having the same experience as you. And I "think" there was an alignment issue with the release arm being off center. Once you get the new part, maybe double check the button is pretty close to being on center?? All I can think of at...
  11. mfrade

    149 With Spreader

    Hello David. Good to see you here - Welcome Aboard. Interesting piece of equipment. Is the impeller electric motor driven? I'm assuming it is.
  12. mfrade


    I was thinking wheel horse as well, The welding on the steering and the thick connection at the spindle. Not cub cadet (sadly)...
  13. mfrade

    Engine swap from a narrow frame to wide frame

    Hello joeyd., I'm with Kenny. Rather than "patch & cobble" it, have him freshen it up and you'll be set for another 20 / 30 years.
  14. mfrade

    cub125 stubborn pto bearing

    You can pull the connector off and add a small piece of wire to act as a jumper. For "testing purposes" of course!
  15. mfrade

    cub125 stubborn pto bearing

    Interesting.. is it a factory OEM part? I'd probably use a file and sandpaper both to bring down the O.D. - just keep test fitting and try not to remove to much. I like to add a spot of silicone adhesive once it slides in... "just because", it makes me feel better. LOL.
  16. mfrade

    IH Cub Cadet 107 "build"

    OH OH.. another case or yellow fever just detected! LOL
  17. mfrade

    1650 project

    When you do pull it apart, don't toss any of the parts that you remove. Things like the wrist pin that you buy aftermarket are really very heavy as compared to the original parts. I save my old parts and had them weighed in a lab, somewhere in this site the weights were posted / saved. We...
  18. mfrade

    1650 project

    Hi Jonah, Nice to have you here. Yes, the 16 hp units are well known for vibration problems. I think you really need to get inside that motor and verify what you really have. Since you can compare the operation to the WH, I'd think you'd be able to judge the actual performance. And in the...
  19. mfrade

    Hello from Minneapolis, MN

    Welcome Aboard John. Nice to see you here. A lot of folks here would pay a premium for those tires! For pushing snow with a blade I put chains onto my turf tires and add wheel weights. Works well with the snow thrower too. If your mower still has the serial number, the first 2 characters will...
  20. mfrade

    Starting to work on 127 again

    Closing the points verified the generator can work. The points not moving could still be because of an intermittent or missing ground. These tractors are almost notorious for bad or weak grounding circuits. I'd still suggest as a simple test, Use a length of wire as a remote ground while you...