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    Grader Blade for 1450

    I’m looking at my neighbors Simplicity 42 grader blade . These are hard to come by. I think I’ll be able to fandangle a way to fit my tractor. Can someone give me some encouragement. Need help making decision.
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    Mopar (HEMI) guys feared this

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    Ice storm #2

    Will the windmills freeze again ? Texas get ready!
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    Well Said

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    Devils night

    Had a great day in the woods
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    Now is the time! Pa. We finally got rain past 2 weeks. A lot. The ground was to hard. Not now.
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    Cub cadet commercial

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    Gannon Excavator

    Thoughts on these attachments. Do they work. Would like to purchase one. Are they rare?
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    IH 59M shredder/chipper

    My neighbor has one in good shape. Any thoughts? Thinking of buying. Are these good units?Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Gear reducer

    What tractor do they fit?
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    Ohio seat

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    But they left their DOGS

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    Parts Wanted Power angle cylinder

    And hydro lines for 54”
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    Another Bad Winter

    I do believe.
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    K301 Resto

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    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    Did they make a rare wider than normal plow for the garden tractor? What widths do the come in. (1970)- (1978)
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    44A Deck spindles

    How do I take apart my spindles. Want to regrease Bearings by hand. Is this complicated or easy?