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    George, are you running mulching blades with deck outlet closed off?Are the blades on correctly? The zts I've worked on have openings around the base of spindles to allow drainage ..the grass could come up thru there but there would have to be a reason for that...not normal for sure... If it...
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    Gardens 2022

    Brian, I'm old school so potato bin in a cool place is a good start...but a friend showed me what she does...She shreds like hash browns and freezes in a sealed bag and they keep perfect...internet is full of ideas about garlic...
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    more old iron...case 220

    Ran across a case 220 mower..I had zero knowledge but it has a 10 hp Kohler so I'm in...Turns out it has many small thing issues..wiring no. one..carb,points etc...It has direct drive to hyd 2 speed rearend with hand lever control on dash for hyd speed....a couple weeks tinkering and I find...
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    2185 fuse issues

    Jerome, anytime I have a fuse blown I'm looking for mouse chewed wires first...only then do I check other components..Kevin said it well enough...
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    Gardens 2022

    200 yrs ago you would have tied your dog(s) out in the garden..I guess we don't do that anymore...
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    Considering an electric XT1 LT42E........whataya know about them...?

    I was recently given an elec wheel chair..Hopefully to find a vet in need..The batteries are shot est cost to replace 400..
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    Considering an electric XT1 LT42E........whataya know about them...?

    Jim said it, small engine guys don't want to do electronics school..In my area of southern Mi. they are only 2 certified repair facilities left and neither would do an elec. mower.I personally almost never work on any top end machine less than 15 yrs old; many of them have "motherboards ".That...
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    RZT VT 50”

    Ed, 2 yrs ago I bought a skag with bad engine for 300 (owners fault)..bought a new Kaw. on sale for 1200..Ended up with 1500 in a machine that could have easily sold for 4000.. but did this for a daughter..She paid the bill I got a hug..oh well...
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    RZT VT 50”

    Ed, what is very relative is how much work are you willing to do (or can do..)I just refurbed an 06 cub zt .Owner said the same ,less pwr on 1 wheel...There are for most hydros rebuild kits for around (?) 350..Most new units cost 600 plus.They are not too difficult to redo.but the one I had...
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    Simplicity Sovereign 18H

    I went to local dealer last yr ..he had good used rollers in the "pile"...built a rear for 50" cub deck..what a difference it made !!
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    Simplicity Sovereign 18H

    Dustin, I've worked on many older Simplicity..They are very solid machines..If it runs at that price I would buy and refurb...I've always been impressed with the rear roller they use...
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    Throwing a belt

    kevin, pretty smart idea...
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    Cub 102 42" mower

    Jack,easy one first..grease zerk is 45 deg.(normal-ok)..It appears your tension spring broke and that is the piece you're calling a teat on it..The kicker.. if your belt is still tight your tensioner is set up.I'd be very careful how I removed that bolt.The scale of rust is a good clue it's not...
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    I finally finished my Highly modified 122 Loader With lots of help from my son at his fab shop. She works pretty well!

    Jeff, not only does it look great and functional...you and your son got to do it together
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    Where in North America is Jim, and what Cub Cadet items has he found there?

    Well Jim maybe it wasn't the hat.It might have been what it was sitting on that kept folks away......just sayin'
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    Throwing a belt

    Randy, just discovered yesterday..Working on a 1046 belt guards on deck have built in belt holders.I had replaced 2 pulley bearings and tried without replacing guards.Shutting down threw the belt, once guards were back in place everything worked fine.Almost always it's misaligned pulleys...
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    never too old to ride a cub

    The bowl gasket rotted, the stem was bent badly,the screen packed completely. I rarely take the short route but it seemed wiser to just purchase a new one. I've been known to make gaskets from old inner tubes but todays ethanol tends to cause problems..
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    never too old to ride a cub

    A follow up..went back later after engine cooled down,readjusted float in carb(on a guess)..It fired and sounded great.My elderly friend got on confidently and mowed for 45 mins on an 85 deg day and never missed a beat...AWESOME..He looked like an 87 yr old farmer wants to:driving his tractor..
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    never too old to ride a cub

    Can you stand one more "good guy" story??I went back to the elderly folks to look at a Farmall super A setting in the weeds on a maybe ..He used it to mow a field beside the house.Complete with a Woods belly mower..The starting point is does it have antifreeze in it.? It did, so cleaning the...
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    New 108 is home.

    Dustin, a new condenser perhaps??