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    Cub Cadet 147 parts for an *Original*?

    Thanks. And thanks for pointing it out as I had not seen it in the photo till your mention.
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    Cub Cadet 147 parts for an *Original*?

    What is the "S/G"? Maybe the thing that I call there starterator?
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    Cub Cadet 147 parts for an *Original*?

    I shall heretofore flag thee as an enabler!;) If it were just a bit closer, I'd go for the motor alone. You know... just in case.
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    Cub Cadet 147 parts for an *Original*?

    So then, the opposite applies, I assume? None of those 147 parts will work on my original? Thank you.
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    Cub Cadet 147 parts for an *Original*?

    Can anyone tell me, definitively, whether the 147 parts in the classifieds section will work on my Original. I don't actually know the cut-off; narrow to wide Fram or if it even matters for these parts. https://www.ihcubcadet.com/threads/cub-cadet-147-miscellaneous-parts.10671/ Thanks, Todd.
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    cleaning threads on exhaust port.

    For that, I like easy-off oven cleaner. The really mean stuff... not the Nancy-mix.
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    Found a Super Cyclops

    Love those droop-noses.
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    Cub 60

    Speaks well for the Atlas. I always thought that they were kinda cool vehicles. My wife and I, having been otherwise pleased with a potential vehicle purchase, have walked away from several after *opening* the back.
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    Things that Kill my Cub time.

    40 year old hydraulics in an Arizona machine and Onan ignition issues... go figure.
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    WWII Farmall H

    Some excellent photos in general but that first one.... STUNNING! Can you give us a detailed pic of your blue-tooth set up and GPS tracking screen?:cubwinker:
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    Throwing a belt

    Reading this thread recalls my dalliance with a couple-three Corvairs in my youth. Not one single problem with any of them but belt issues with ALL of them. Corvairs too, take an awkward and seemingly ill advised 90 degree turn in their belts.
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    k241 runs rough

    Aside for other issues, your note was a big part of my problem. Led to inaccurate settings, inconsistent settings with attendant surge/slow and also constituted a significant but not consistent vacuum leak.
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    I finally finished my Highly modified 122 Loader With lots of help from my son at his fab shop. She works pretty well!

    That's an awfully good looking unit. What is the pinstripe affair on the rear axle? Very stylish!
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    Cub 60

    Then... funnier still.👍
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    Turbo Talk

    And this, is why we leave skirts on pistons.:D
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    never too old to ride a cub

    Did you find you needed to replace the bowl AND seal or merely the seal? I'm having the doggonedest time finding seals separately. If the unit is big enough I can make one but on the small-rimmed units it's an issue.
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    never too old to ride a cub

    Much the same story regarding my Simplicity noted elsewhere. It took a couple three visits and eventually, before loading the tractor I had signed on to buy a trailer and take on his goats (gratis) upon his passing. He was quite distressed that someone might take them on and then just "kill...
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    never too old to ride a cub

    Though raised by parents, I somehow attribute most of what I feel are higher social comportments to my 4 grandparents. Sure and they raised their respective children but as recently as last week I commented on how my "Grandma wouldn't have had it any other way..." when thanked for a kindness on...
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    never too old to ride a cub

    Or ONLY looking to get-over on a cheap buy and then crow about it later.