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  1. till

    Welcome to the new home of IH Cub Cadet

    WOW!! Look at how clean my garage is!!!!
  2. till

    Welcome to the new home of IH Cub Cadet

    Looks good so far. I will have to dig up a photo of Spot to use as an avatar.
  3. till

    For Sale

    I am sorry, I was not clear in my earlier post. The parts I have are small parts, IH bolts, clips, brackets and such. Mower gauge wheels with brackets and the kind. I do not have body parts/panels, frames or wheels. Forgive me for the confusion.
  4. till

    For Sale

    I have a bunch of misc. parts from work that I have done on a 100, 123 and 149's Plus mower deck parts and snow blower parts. I would like to have one person come and take them away. Some one in need that is going to put them to good use. I also have a beater set of 12" hub caps and a set of...
  5. till

    Archive through June 23, 2010

    Cub...Cub....Cub.....Cub..... >>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>
  6. till

    Archive through August 31, 2008

    Ported Hydro Come and get it. Email me via my profile to arrange pick up. under edit; WOW that was fast. Thank you, Hydro is spoken for.....
  7. till

    Archive through May 14, 2008

    Need to clean out. Pair if Quite Line / X82 fenders. Free, first come first serve. Deck hangers XX7/9. Free, first come first serve. Fuel tank and fire wall X82. Free ...... Stretch X82 frame with steering pedestal and non ported hydro on cast iron tranny. Has 6X12 diamond turfs...
  8. till

    Archive through November 07, 2007

    I am pretty sure that Mike M makes them spacers too, for putting Original rims on 3/4" spindles. Kraig, Kirk does it again!! Man is that sure beautiful! Now it just needs some flat black around it to protect it.
  9. till

    Archive through November 03, 2007

    Jeff HOLY CRAP!! Glad you have neighbors looking out for you. I worry about deck fires. I have heard too many stories about toasted Cubs that the dealers have seen. I try to keep mine cleaned off, but it builds up so fast with taller grass and then leaves too boot makes it worse Glad you...
  10. till

    Archive through October 31, 2007

    Ray, Looks like we use the same time measurement for projects. Glad to see the old thing getting the once over it needs.
  11. till

    Archive through October 29, 2007

    Oh my gawd it is a NFO seat!!!! The tractor from down under is sharp! Got to love them 6X12 AG's! Charlie, who is hiding behind the wind breaker cab? <font size="-2">(Monday, October 29, 2007 - 02:55 pm: )</font>
  12. till

    Archive through October 28, 2007

    Checking in to say hello. Update on the Cub situation..... 682 has been sold to a friend that is willing to deal with the watery fuel issues. The 560 runs, but still need some work. There is an 80 coming to the property to replace the 682. See ya all around.
  13. till

    560B push mower

    Well the motor runs. Found a tooth pick in the carb main jet???? Once I removed it, the thing started and ran. It will really need a carb kit among other things. I am just glad to see the motor turn over. Now to go through the clutches and see what's up there.
  14. till

    Archive through August 28, 2007

    French fries from the deck. No PTO belt. The wrong grill. The model decal is missing. That is all I can find
  15. till

    Archive through August 28, 2007

    Tom, Sweeeet!! Almost makes me want to clean my 682 up. Almost. I still have to kick the water issues I keep running into. I just need to clean out the shed and park the poor beast in there out of the rain.....
  16. till

    Archive through August 01, 2007

    Looking for a OK used air cleaning assembly for a 5 horse Briggs and Scrap Iron vertical shaft engine that is on my 560.
  17. till

    560B push mower

    I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. For some reason the work "gator" kicks the "banned site" at work????? So I can not check up on the CCC MTD side of things. I hope to have the beasty running this week end. I have way too much grass right now. Had to mow...
  18. till

    Archive through August 25, 2007

    David, Most likely it is option C. Though if you have a neighbor that has a good eye for the classics, than option A. I fall in with B in my neighborhood, i.e. my neighbors think I am a Freak.
  19. till

    Archive through August 25, 2007

    Glad to see every one is still kicking. Just trying to keep Cubbing along....
  20. till

    Archive through May 02, 2007

    Howdy all. Long time no post, been running around like crazy with the family and work. The old 82 has been giving me fits again. I have gotten real good at pulling the carb and cleaning out the jelly and golden bee bee's. What the heck is this stuff, and where is it coming from????