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  1. J

    2182 charging problems ?

    I have a 2182 that has never showed any problems. Went to start, and nothing. Put a voltmeter on battery & only 8 volts. Has only sat for a week. Put another battery in & it started up just as always. Put voltmeter on battery & it's jumping up & down. Not steady at all. As high as 18 volts...
  2. J

    1641to hyd steering.

    I have a 1641 in nice useable condition. I also have a 18?? with hyd steering. It's been used hard & not maintained. The motor is hurt. Would like the hyd steering on the 1641. For those of you in the know. What would be the best way to go about it? Steering tower from 18??& parts to 1641 . Or...
  3. J

    Compression check on 18 magnum.

    Doing a compression check on an 18 magnum. What would be the average acceptable psi be for one with about 900hrs on it.
  4. J

    Seats !

    I have a few Cubs . They are 1440/ 1541/1641/1811/1864/1882/2182 & I think my biggest dislike other than the plastic , is the seats. I like the metal on the 1811. I also have a seat on the 1811 from Northern Tool. I like that the best. But the arm rest are stationary & makes it harder the get...
  5. J

    What the ???

    I have two 2182's & 1882 One of the 2182's does not have the ground speed of the other one. The other 2182 seems to be evenly matched with the1882. I also have a 1541,1641,1862 & 1811 . They all seemed very equal except for the one 2182 . Were their different rear end gears available ? It...
  6. J

    1811 magnum to command.

    Have an 1811 looking to put a command 20 in it. What's needed to do? How many changes ?
  7. J

    Frame supports for SGT.

    Has anyone used frame supports from Extreme Motor works ? If so does the front facing one fit with the mounts for a Haban plow ? They look like they may overlap each other .
  8. J

    brake pads for a SGT 1882

    Best place to order from, if they even have them. Thanks for any input.