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    Archive through December 21, 2006

    Looks like a green Chrismas this year.
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    560B push mower

    I'm picking up a 560B push mower this weekend. I have searched the vault for information and asked Kraig what he has. There seems to be very little on these MTD Cub mowers. Anybody have any thing on them out there?? Would you like to share? Post it here and maybe we can bring a rare one...
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    Oh boy, oh boy

    Today Maxwell Scott Ill was born. 22" @ 8lbs 4 oz. 2:08 PM CST. Mama and baby are doing great!! He is the end of the line. 4 kids is enough!!!
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    Brake controller

    I don't remember much discussion on the subject. I will be needing a brake control for my other hobby. I have been offered a Voyager control for free. I will be towing a 5000 LBS trailer with it. Should I take it or dig for a different one??
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    Christmas music

    Ring the bell
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    Let us not forget

    Today is the 63 anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I would like to say Thank You to all of the veterans of WWII and the rest of our veterans for hanging it out on the line for all of us.
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    What is an MV

    I found this tractor in my wanderings of the internet and was wondering what the heck is its special application. To me it has major cool factor written all over it.
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    Archive through March 15, 2004

    Dang archive bug... Well, my buddy at work broke out the gas ax today. Shortened up the yeller and got a piece of red to splice in. Welding together tomorrow.