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  1. J

    Drones - crop scouting

    Correct, download the Drone App to the Ipad and you are good to go.
  2. J

    Drones - crop scouting

    At one time the IH Dealership I work at sold DJI Phantom 4, and Maverick Drones, and used the software called Drone Deploy for Plant count, Nitrogen deficiency, and aerial viewing. You can draw a field boundary and the drone flies itself at whatever set height you choose. Since then, CaseIH...
  3. J

    Looking for 5.5" Hydraulic lift pulley for Original

    I know It's a long shot. But looking for the correct 5.5" pulley for a hydraulic lift for an Original. The Later models are 6.5", and I've got a NOS pulley for a Bolens which measure 5". Still looking. Thank you!
  4. J

    Archive through July 31, 2019

    Howdy Dave! Will we see you up at Portage Wi next year as Cub Cadet is one of the featured tractors?
  5. J

    Wanted To Buy

    Probably a long shot, but looking for correct 5-1/2" diameter pulley for hydraulic lift for an Original.
  6. J

    AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree

    Great Pictures Dave and Paul!
  7. J

    E-Z Rake Dethatcher

    Jeff, I have a pull-type EZ Rake if you need to look at one more closely.
  8. J

    AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree in Oregon, IL May 14th, 2015

    I gotta get cracking!! Anyways, a refurbished Brinly cultivator will be auctioned off to highest bidder for AJ's 4-H group!
  9. J

    Archive through December 29, 2015

    Marlin I have a couple of those braces and will be going to Ames for CaseIH training Jan31 thru Feb 4th - I can easily bring one along if youd like me to
  10. J

    Archive through December 29, 2015

    I'm guessing that is clearance for the Hood Ornament screws on the 70/100's. My early S/N 70 (26th one made) has a different nose housing with a single tab in the center - No clearance slot there
  11. J

    Archive through November 09, 2015

    Ronald, that part subs to this part # 747-0564 and is available from Cub for $56.60
  12. J

    Archive through December 09, 2015

    Thanks Guys, I'll let you know. Basically it was an appraisal for what it would sell for right now out on the lawn at an auction - We both know that a Line of cubs wouldn't do well without big advertising. Which is actually good in my situation.
  13. J

    Archive through December 07, 2015

    I bet I could overload Harry's email account.
  14. J

    Archive through December 07, 2015

    Had to do one of the Worst things in the world today - Had to pay to get an Appraisal of all of my items in my Shed and Shop (IH Cub Dealership signs, Parts, all of my 20+ Cub Cadets, attachements, etc). I will know in a few days what the total appraisal is, so I can give away half of it.
  15. J

    Archive through November 21, 2015

    Turned the page - I'll turn the light on for you guys. Previous post was looking for the current owner of Geezer DeTurck's Original with the front mounted M&W mower. Thank you!
  16. J

    Archive through November 17, 2015

    Does anybody know where the Cub Original with the front mounted M&W mower That Geezer DeTurck used to own out east? I believe I have a part for that Cub that he was missing.
  17. J

    Archive through September 25, 2015

    Update on the CC100. Sold the headlights, new price for Cub 100 is $125
  18. J

    Archive through September 25, 2015

    Cub Cadet 129. Runs good, no smoke, muffler shot. tinwork not horrible. plain jane cub with no lift handle, but I can send everything along that is needed. The neutral hydro rod assembly is MIA, but I bet I can come up with that also. $200 located in Polo, IL. Can text pics. 1.815.499.779seven
  19. J

    Archive through September 25, 2015

    Cub Cadet 100 - Has OEM headlights, Hood is rough. Runs great but does smoke. Transmission works fine. frame is in good shape, perfect project tractor or puller $200 in Polo, IL. can text pics. 1.815.499.779seven
  20. J

    Archive through September 25, 2015

    Can I post "I know it's not a Cub Cadet, but...."