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  1. Paul Raymond

    Last look at museam....auction coming in Oct.

    Hey guys and gals, I just came across this on the internet today,closed by now but I thought some of you might be interested in viewing and/or following up on it otherwise.I wish I was rich instead of hadsome,I would buy the whole lot LOL. Sorry if this isn't the correct place for this. If link...
  2. Paul Raymond

    102 starter generator questions

    Last winter my starter/generator was intermitantly charging.I didn't think much of it till spring when I removed the snow blower and saw whips of smoke coming from it.I popped the end cap off thinking maybe brushes,but the armature windings look overheated and I can't find anyone close by to...
  3. Paul Raymond

    106 cub winter ready......I hope

    Well I played with the cub today.The 44a is on hold as it looks like I'll be fabricating some parts,but on the bright side,I made a lift rod and got the snow thrower mounted and ready to go. I also ordered a new lever grip and float button from CCS,should complete that project.It fits...
  4. Paul Raymond

    Por 15

    Has anyone used Por-15 fuel tank sealer and or paint products? Just fishing for opinions and thoughts.
  5. Paul Raymond

    Qa32 clean up

    Stared to clean up the snow blower today. It's not going to take too much to get it looking good.
  6. Paul Raymond

    Hello from upstate NY

    Hello from upstate NY.I recently purchased a nice CC106 in very good condition. I have gotten a lot of information already from the forums and haven't even asked anything specific! LOL