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    Looking for a place to purchase a large metal tractor silhouette.

    I am looking for a large (3 to 4 foot high) metal tractor silhouette suitable for mounting on the outside front wall of my house. My neighbors have different art like coyotes, cactus, geckos, etc. I want something different. I have searched the internet and not found any place that...
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    Anybody with bad Arthritis?

    I’ve had arthritis for years and the older I get the worse it bothers me. I use more Aleve and high dosages of Ibuprofen than I probably should. For relief I have tried many different creams and liquids. I use Traumeel, Flexall, Fortex, heat pads, ice packs. Sometimes I get relief and...
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    A must see, the good old days. https://youtu.be/I3RwMsTJD74
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    A BAD day in Arizona

    A terrible day here in Arizona, we just lost 19 young Hotshot Firefighters that were fighting a wild fire near Yarnell AZ. The heat and dry conditions along with a wind shift caused the fire to blow up and over run the fire fighters.
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    I Joined the ZERO Turn Mower club

    Well I finally broke down and bought a zero turn mower the other day. I got a good deal on a used 2007 Hustler Super Mini Z with a 52 inch deck and vacuum system, with low hours. Around here for comercial mowing it is either the Hustler or the Walker. They are fast, and really pulverize...
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    GT2542 Information

    Anybody have any experience with the 2542? Any thoughts or suggestions on one of these machines? Thanks for any comments, as I really don't know anything about them and I may purchase one. Richard
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    Majic Jack ????????

    Does anybody have any experience with the Majic Jack phone system? I've heard a lot of rumors about it but looking for someone who has tried it. I have high speed internet and have a spare computer that I would pretty much dedicate to it. It would be on a wireless hookup but I don't want my...
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    Archive through June 12, 2009

    Kraig On that picture of the conversion of the front disc coupler it looks like David is using the Quiet line flex coupler. It looks to me like you could use the older style flex coupler which would probably be better. Here is a picture of the two, I believe the number of the Quietline...
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    Is anybody having problems displaying pictures on this forum?

    I'm having problems displaying all of the pictures on some pages of this Forum. I can hit refresh and sometimes get more pictures and sometimes different ones. It acts like back when I was on dialup. I can go to different forums and get all of the pictures on every page. I go back to this...
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    Whats the best FREE Anti-Virus program out there

    What does everyone think is the best FREE Anti-Virus program out there. I have used AVG in the past but now run Norton on all my computers. People often ask what is a good free anti virus program and I really don't know what to recommend.
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    Archive through December 05, 2008

    Wes H. Sounds to me like you have a bad head gasket. If you don't catch it in time it will ruin the head.
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    Archive through May 18, 2008

    Bob On your question if the parts were interchangeable between the NF and WF, I don't know but I seriously doubt it.
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    Computer question about THUMBS Data Base File

    A couple of years ago I had problems with the Thumbs dbf getting corrupted in on of my picture directories. Bryan told me how to delete it and let it rebuild itself the next time I opened the directory. That fixed the problem. Just recently I started having that problem again. I have a...
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    Cub Cadet Pickup Projects:

    Several people have built pickups from Cub Cadets and I see others are thinking about building them. I have thought about it for years and getting close to starting one. I thought if we started a thread dedicated to that subject we could discuss what has worked for some and what others plan to...
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    Archive through December 15, 2007

    Matt G. It's been awhile since I replaced Rag joints, but I think the Quiet line and the 82 series were the same. The earlier version used on the 1XX series were different. When I replace Rag joints I do a little extra so they last a long time. The problem with the later Rag joints is...
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    Cell Phones

    Well 2 more women killed in Phoenix yesterday because one was text messaging on her cell phone while driving. She was able to send the message at the same time she hit the other vehicle head on. This is almost a weekly thing someone getting killed in a car accident while text messaging while...
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    Helicopters down

    Today we had a bad accident here in Phoenix. Our channel 3 and channel 15 helicopters were following a police chase when they collided. Both went down in flames killing both pilots and photographers. It really hits hard when you watch them every day you feel like you know them personally. It...
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    Archive through July 23, 2007

    Kraig Let's not be encouraging these new guys to buy these 106's 126's and such. I thought we were just going to use them for parts to keep our wide frames and quietlines running.
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    Archive through May 31, 2007

    Ben C. In answer to your question, YES you can run it, if you are willing to live with the results. A lot depends on what is wrong with your iso mounts, if they are just wore you might get by with no problems, if one or more of the bolts are loose in the oil pan you may ruin your oil pan...