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  1. mgwin

    Gardens 2022

    I have a bit of a garden, but no dogs. :errrr:
  2. mgwin

    Soda blasting advice

    Just make sure you don't paint the contact surface of the pto. ;)
  3. mgwin

    149 in NC

    Nice tractor and tiller! What area of NC do you live? I'm in Reidsville.
  4. mgwin

    Gardens 2022

    I hope it continues to work for you. The deer would not pay any attention to the cd's around here. I tried pie pans hanging on a string, and the deer came in my garden the next night! The only thing that seems to work for me is deer netting. Had one deer to tear through the netting one time...
  5. mgwin

    cleaning threads on exhaust port.

    The tap should have a slight taper on the tip to help get it started straight. A dremmel with a wire brush wheel, or similar item should help to clean up the first few threads. This should help to get the tap started straight also. Just remember to back up with the tap about each 1/4 turn forward.
  6. mgwin

    Considering an electric XT1 LT42E........whataya know about them...?

    David, Yes, especially if left under a tarp! Mike, To me, an electric lawnmower is weird all the way around. ;) It would definitely need to be stored inside. Replacing the batteries often would be expensive also.
  7. mgwin

    RZT VT 50”

    Most quality zt's have a hydraulic motor on each rear wheel.
  8. mgwin


    Try CCSpecialties online, or click on the icons at the top of the page.
  9. mgwin

    Tractor For Sale 2082 tractor, 2 stage blower, Sims cab

    I don't think OBO is allowed, only a price. You might want to check the classifieds rules to be certain. ;)
  10. mgwin

    Considering an electric XT1 LT42E........whataya know about them...?

    Heat and vibration are the #2 enemy, due to it being cold in the winter and vibration only occurs when it is running. :roflol:
  11. mgwin

    Gardens 2022

    What do you do on cloudy nights?
  12. mgwin

    Clutch on a 63 original

    Look at all them purdy parts!
  13. mgwin

    cub ID

    I gotta say it!........... Yes, the numbers on the side of the hood. :roflol:
  14. mgwin

    1811 hydrostatic question.

    I would say the last two posts pretty much sums it up. If you want more speed going up hill, get a gear drive! :errrr:
  15. mgwin

    CC 100 in metro KC

    Out of my range.
  16. mgwin

    Considering an electric XT1 LT42E........whataya know about them...?

    Electronics and the elements/outdoors do not get along. What is the #1 enemy of electronics? Water or moisture. What is outside? Bingo! ;)
  17. mgwin

    cub ID

    Looks like just wood laying on the steering wheel. Either it has been painted, or it has been kept inside a lot. Hope you get it!
  18. mgwin

    Clutch on a 63 original

    When you take it apart, make sure to resurface the clutch plates. ;)
  19. mgwin

    cleaning threads on exhaust port.

    Most all cubs that I ever dealt with, already had a locknut on the exhaust elbow.
  20. mgwin

    cleaning threads on exhaust port.

    Pawn shop sounds like a good possibility. Right much equipment there, pawned by people that have no idea how to use what they have pawned! Probably no metal removal involved. I would about bet, the main issue would be carbon buildup removal. ;)