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  1. cubs4lifeofme

    never too old to ride a cub

    Great job Gary....
  2. cubs4lifeofme

    Last look at museam....auction coming in Oct.

    Awesome Collection. Thanks for sharing and thank you Stew for doing it. RIP
  3. cubs4lifeofme


    What makes it a quietline ?
  4. cubs4lifeofme

    How much work am I looking at?

    Yes, pull the engine.
  5. cubs4lifeofme

    2082 deck drive belt

    My 2082 with 60 " Haban deck and 4" idler pulleys needs a new belt. Anyone got a # for correct size please ?
  6. cubs4lifeofme

    4x4 cub

    What a waste of time I.M.O. WOW
  7. cubs4lifeofme

    1864 progress

    So it has a module for each cylinder along with 2 coils ?
  8. cubs4lifeofme

    Greetings from PA

    Welcome neighbor.
  9. cubs4lifeofme

    Air show

    That's Smile's per gallon ! :)
  10. cubs4lifeofme


    Cyclop's :cubwinker: :fencing:
  11. cubs4lifeofme

    never too old to ride a cub

    Great stories Gary, Thank you for sharing and being a great person and help keeping the cubs alive.
  12. cubs4lifeofme

    Propane conversion kit ?

    wouldn't it need something different ? looks like a carburetor to me
  13. cubs4lifeofme

    It will turn over, but it won't fire.

    Good thing you had gloves on...Good way to loose a few digits.
  14. cubs4lifeofme

    Propane conversion kit ?

    Why cant you use it on lp ?
  15. cubs4lifeofme

    Tax Auctions

    Just hate paying quadruple what somethings worth just to mow the lawn.
  16. cubs4lifeofme

    New to me 1863 Purchase

    Good machines, let us know how you like it.
  17. cubs4lifeofme

    Picked up a John Deer

    Guess ima gonna hafta clear out a spot in the shop. Gonna hafta go in deep .
  18. cubs4lifeofme

    Picked up a John Deer

    I dont see anyplace 2 check the oil