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  1. J

    Brinly planter info needed

    So nice to see a success story, rather than a dead end, GOOD JOB!
  2. J

    Gardens 2022

  3. J

    Kohler k181 tachometer / temp gauge

    I have had a Tiny-Tach on a 2284 Super for about 10 years. I don't care about hours, the built in meter works well for that. The super mows much better if you can keep the RPM's above 3000
  4. J

    782 died while hot, most likely problem?

    Rather than throwing $50-$100 solutions at the problem, I would suggest checking $0 solutions. Battery terminals and ground connections, especially that one under the battery box.
  5. J

    A bit of memorabilia

    My Pappy told me if you can't say something intelligent, don't say anything. 🙄
  6. J

    Kohler k181 tachometer / temp gauge

    Tiny Tach https://tinytach.com/gasoline-tinytach Simple, convenient accurate.
  7. J

    My first Cub Cadet, model 147.

    Cool, all you need to be tilling is the actual tiller and a long expensive belt. :cubwinker:
  8. J

    Mule drive belt won’t line up.

    My RED 782 that I originally bought new with a #2 tiller works nicely with the "White" mule drive and a very expensive 5/8" belt.🙄 So far no-one is telling the OP what he needs to know. I was trying to determine if he understood how the mule drive tension operates, but he has chosen not to...
  9. J

    Mule drive belt won’t line up.

    Have you ever installed a mower deck on a Cub Cadet???? Do you understand how the belt tension pulley on the mule drive functions? (Push in and latch to release the tension.) It works exactly the same way for the tiller, that should put your pulley back where it belongs.
  10. J

    New to the family- 129

    So good to see the CORRECT answer to the question. :groupwave:
  11. J

    Choke and throttle cables 🥶

    WD-40® Technical Data Sheet Packages Appearance: Aerosol—Aerosolized Liquid Bulk—Liquid Color: Light (or pale) amber Odor: Characteristic Freeze Point/Pour Point: -63˚ C ( -81.4˚ F)( ASTM D-97) Kinematic Viscosity @ 100˚ F: 2.79 - 2.96cSt Specific Gravity @ 60˚ F: 0.8-0.82 Boiling Point : 183˚-...
  12. J

    My Free Compressor

    If you decide to get it hydro tested safely and correctly, look for a local fire extinguisher maintenance company. They will test and date stamp faster and cheaper than the welding gas companies. In the PA area Fyr Fyter is popular. The last one I had done was a 30 gallon tank which cost me $20...
  13. J

    Mower Blade Nut Frozen

    7 days now and the OP has never been heard from since day 1. :drool2: :popcorn1:
  14. J

    Points cleaning?

    :popcorn1: Oh boy, here we go................... gas or diesel, Ford or Chevy?
  15. J

    Off season deck maintenance

    Paint bottom with Truck Bed liner, will reduce future rust.
  16. J

    125 timing story

    I Quit!!!! :bash: