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  1. dmerkle

    2022 National IH Winter Convention CANCELLED.

    This same event was scheduled to happen earlier this month. It was canceled them because of a double booking them. Poor way to run a hotel.
  2. dmerkle

    winter projects to stay busy

    I purchase 5 K series Kohler engines that need rebuilt. I have 2 more engines at home that need rebuilt. There are times I see on the different sites someone is looking for a short block-complete engine for there tractor or looking for someone to rebuild their engine. It's a good way to keep my...
  3. dmerkle

    K161 block beyond repair

    I think the small bore K161 measured 2.875. Kohler service manual has it listed as 2.938 which should be the big bore K161.
  4. dmerkle


    Found this when I restored my IH Cub Cadet 70
  5. dmerkle

    Question about Kohler k181 engine

    By the looks of an Kohler parts lookup it is possible to have a cam with compression release or a non compression release cam. According to Kohler Service manual your engine was made in 1978 if I read it right. Can you post a picture of the head gasket( both sides) ?
  6. dmerkle

    Question about Kohler k181 engine

    Sounds like your IH Cub Cadet has a cam with a compression release built into it. That would explain the reason for the intake valve popping up some. Can you provide a spec number off the engine tag?
  7. dmerkle

    Gannon Excavator

    Before I started:
  8. dmerkle

    Gannon Excavator

    I have another tool I like to use when I do landscaping:
  9. dmerkle

    Gannon Excavator

    Found a tree root:
  10. dmerkle

    Gannon Excavator

    My Earthcavator is 42 inches wide. Cannon made 2 different widths for garden tractors. I use my Earthcavator on my 100 with no problems. Here is one in action:
  11. dmerkle

    Mystery part

    Looks like part of a pulley that came apart. Need to know diameter.
  12. dmerkle

    Gannon Seeder - I think

    This is what the Viking looks like without the attachments on the front.
  13. dmerkle

    Gannon Seeder - I think

    Here are 2 attachments that go on the Viking: The Viking is used plenty. I used it to build radio controlled off road dirt tracks, grade garden tractor pulling tracks, level driveways and reseeded my front yard. I just finish seeding a grass waterway at the family farm.
  14. dmerkle

    Gannon Seeder - I think

    Gannon Earthcavator
  15. dmerkle

    Gannon Seeder - I think

    The seeder you was talking about-Is it a Viking? Here is the Viking I have
  16. dmerkle

    She is done

    Looks and sounds good. I'm glad to be a small part in getting that way.
  17. dmerkle

    Radiator fitment in 782

    I think this 782 had a diesel engine in it at one time. I have more pictures if want to see them.
  18. dmerkle

    Radiator fitment in 782

    I had an 782 that had a 3 cylinder Kubota gas engine. Picture of the engine:
  19. dmerkle

    Rear End Oil

    I use Hy-Tran in all my IH Cub Cadets. Mainly because I have a few hydro IH Cub Cadets and I get my 5 gallon bucket refilled at my local Case-IH dealer. I check the price of the Napa oil-$18.99 a gallon.......without my discount. I may have check with local Napa store