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  1. ljones

    Parts For Sale Snow Throwers for sale

    Don’t suppose there’s any chance you could bring them south when you move?
  2. ljones

    My Shop

    Thanks! I’m in the same groups. It’s got the 534 with a 5speed. I’m starting to get it dialed in. Very picky engine trying to get them to run right with modern carburetors. Parts are not much fun to find either. It’s got a 1000 gpm pump with a 750 tank. All still works great.
  3. ljones

    Geezers! Garage!

    Lucas Jones
  4. ljones

    My Shop

    Been a while since I've been around but good to see the forum is still going. Bought my first house two years ago and have finally got enough stuff done inside to keep my wife happy so I can start making improvements to the shop the came with it. Shop is a 40x60 with 12' to the bottom of the...
  5. ljones

    How much Snow ya got ?

    A couple days ago they were calling for 12"+ for western KY. Ended up with less than 1/2" last night. Got the snow movers ready to roll anyways.
  6. ljones

    128 441 U-111 Deck Blades

    Been a while since I've posted on here but I just moved into my first house and finally have my own yard to take care of and put my fleet to work. I found a trac vac to go with my 128 and 44" 441 u-111 deck. Its looks like I need the 759-3838 blades for it. Are there any part numbers for high...
  7. ljones

    Off Topic For Sale & Wanted Classifieds

    Selling my 1987 Cub Cadet 1872. Comes with the 60" deck. Tractor has 1102 hours runs good and in good shape. I bought it from the original owners. Operators manual comes with it. Sheet metal is straight and has no dents, seat is cracked, hood decals were removed at some point and the hood has...
  8. ljones

    Archive through February 29, 2016

    Did all the 1x5 and 1x4 series come with the white fiberglass seat? I just aquired a 1968 105 and it has the seat that looks like the one from a 1x7-1x6
  9. ljones

    Archive through June 19, 2015

    Jeff B, it's got a Danco creeper. How much more beauty do you need?
  10. ljones

    Archive through January 01, 2015

    Marlin H. Me and my dad were going to make it if we could get the original dimensions. The one on my tractor is worn badly. We had a larger metal lathe but we just got a smaller percision toolroom lathe and a milling machine so hopefully we can make all kinds of stuff for my fleet.
  11. ljones

    Archive through January 01, 2015

    Does anybody have the dimensions of the clutch shaft bushing for a Original? Picture borrowed from CC Specialties.
  12. ljones

    Archive through February 24, 2014

    Rick B, there are several people on here who have run them with missing fins with no problems other than maybe a little more vibration. I think Dennis F had a 129 that had 2 or 3 gone. As cheap as they are I'd just get another, but that's just me.
  13. ljones

    Archive through February 17, 2014

    Harry, first time I called the cub dealer in town he had no clue what I was talking about when I said 1962 Cub Cadet Original. He said it had to have a model number on the hood, he finally found it listed as "Cub Cadet".
  14. ljones

    Archive through February 17, 2014

    Miller tire list the 23x10.50x12 Firestone Flotation 23 as being made in U.S.A. I just have Carlisle Trupowers on my stuff caus they were cheaper. They have held up well unlike the cheap Slime valve stems I bought at Walmart. We have Flotation 23s on a ot blue farm tractor that are loaded with...
  15. ljones

    Archive through February 08, 2014

    Dennis, He lists his 582 as "modified" in his profile. Hugh, got any picutures of this 582?
  16. ljones

    Archive through February 04, 2014

    Ron G, thanks. It's the 42 inch, and it attaches with the mule drive for the mower.
  17. ljones

    Archive through February 04, 2014

    We had some more sleet/snow/freezing rain here yesterday. I had to disk the driveway again before I could get any of it off. Here is a video of me blowing through my small pile of snow. http://youtu.be/cB7Tf1g3ziQ
  18. ljones

    Archive through January 22, 2014

    Ken, yes my blade is level when it is at ground level, but my driveway is very steep and I try to feather the blade over it keeping it partially raised. Tony H, yes. If l let the blade bottom out and get level all the gravel goes with the snow, if I try to kinda float the blade with my arm...
  19. ljones

    Archive through January 21, 2014

    I have a gravel driveway, and the most efficient way to clear it off is with the blade angled. When I angle the blade the corner on one side is way lower than the other side and the blade starts to cut and push my gravel also. This is with my 122, and the spring trip blade. Any sugestions on how...