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  1. Scot Lawrence

    Model 147, standard vs. optional features.

    Hi everyone, I bought my first Cub Cadet last weekend! 😀 I made a thread about it here: My first Cub Cadet, model 147. Now I'm interested in its history! And learning more about the model 147. I know it was the "top of the line" model for 1969, '70, and '71, and the often considered the...
  2. Scot Lawrence

    My first Cub Cadet, model 147.

    Hi everyone, I got my first Cub Cadet today! :) a really nice 1971 model 147. 😀 I've been into vintage garden tractors and snowblowers for awhile now, and I've been mowing for 10 years with a 1964 Wheel Horse, but I've always wanted a Cub Cadet too..So I've been casually looking and...
  3. Scot Lawrence

    Tractor Wanted Wanted, model 107, 127, 147, 682 or 782, in Western NY.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a Cub Cadet (just one) model 107, 127, 147, 682 or 782, in Western NY. Within a 60 to 90 minute drive from Rochester NY. Looking for a working tractor, with a mower deck. (For a 682 or 782, id like an IH-built machine, serial less than 700,000) I plan to use...