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    Cub Cadet 86

    Looking for a wide frame gear drive. Not much available locally to pick from. An 86 popped up recently that looks decent. I know it has a small engine, but what are the pro and cons of this model? Want to add a gear drive to my hydros. Looking for something that will tow the lawn aerator a bit...
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    Forward/reverse shaft 149

    Looking for #22 in the attached image, IH 106220-C1 forward/reverse shaft for serial numbers above 426000. I have the older clamp style and wanting to upgrade to the newer style. This is what the forward/reverse chrome handle attaches to with the splined end. Looks like I can get the other parts...
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    1050 engine mounts

    Need some advice on repairing my engine mounts on my 1050. This is not the new LT1050 rather the one that looks like an 82 series. I purchased it used and the lower rubber mounts below the engine frame and the tractor frame were missing. Looks like it uses a total of 8 rubber mounts on the 4...
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    Archive through January 13, 2014

    Looking for a near perfect or NOS IH hubcap for the front of my 149. Want to replace my scratched one. Please contact me at: [email protected]
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    Cub 1050-mid to late 80's model

    Looking to buy this tractor for a friend of mine. It has broken the driveshaft clutch mechanism. Pretty much needs everything between the engine and the rear end. Is it hard to find all these parts? Or on another note, is it worth fixing? The magnum 10 engine runs great and the rest of the...
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    Archive through January 23, 2013

    Harry-I messed around with the 149 starting issues for a few hours today and accomplished nothing. First I thought the carb was getting clogged because there is not an inline filter. Took the carb apart cleaned it and reset the base settings for the needles and it started, but still hard. Once...
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    Archive through January 14, 2013

    Quick question on my 149. Sometimes when you are starting it cold, and you have pulled out the choke and pushed it back in while cranking it backfires. This is after you have cranked it over for about 10 seconds. Also the motor is hard to start warm after you shut it off and go to start it a few...
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    Archive through September 24, 2009

    PaulF- Thank you for the write up on the PTO removal and the PTO basket removal. That is exactly what I needed. Tonight I had another wrestling match with the basket and so far it has won! I have seen holes drilled in pulleys like this before, but it never dawned on me to drill my own holes...
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    1641 amp light on-Pto disengage

    I just picked up a 1641 for my brother-in-law and it has an amp light on only when you engage the electric PTO. Today was the first run since we got it and it ran fine cutting grass for an hour or so then the PTO disengaged itself. Correct me if I am wrong, if the amp light is on the whole time...