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  1. J

    Sleeve hitch on a Cyclops

    A quick search didn't yield any results, but I'd like to see what others have done as far as a sleeve hitch on a Cyclops, 1864 especially.
  2. J

    One of my lathes, saved from a certain death.

    First load for that trailer, George Fifield lathe
  3. J

    Replaced tires on the 1450.........tubes?

    I put a new tire on the 1450 and did it tubeless, but it won't stay up over about a week, are tubes a necessity? I got the tires from Miller Tire
  4. J

    Kohler vs well, everybody else

    It has always seemed like Kohler was a bit more engine than other competitors. Is anybody else of that opinion? I'm referring to the old 8's, 10's, 12's and so on of the 60's and 70's
  5. J

    Southern Indiana show (north of Evansville)

    https://siamclassiciron.com/ Last year I was there, they had an amazing number of garden and small tractors, lots of home made and modified ones. I don't see anything on their June show, I emailed them about it. Also one of the shows that Miller Tires goes to, picked up a set of tires...
  6. J

    A bit of memorabilia

    l like the old artwork and such of years ago, ran across this on a flash drive
  7. J

    Found some pictures

    I've got a lot of pictures, but finding them when I want them, can be a problem.
  8. J

    Is there any love for metal shapers on here?

    I've got a few........................ok 5 of them This is the one I wanted all along, of course it was the last one I found.
  9. J

    1864 front tires

    My 1864 is due for front tires, I'm sure they are original, even having Cub Cadet molded into the rubber. They are kind of small, especially when I put the snowblower on it (about every 20 years) The added weight just drives the frontend down, I know it will be hard to get them big enough...
  10. J

    1864 plastic panels cracking

    I've got an 1864 that has some cracks. 3M has urethane repair goo for such things, but I am considering trying to use the originals as a pattern for molding fiberglass replacements. If I make a wood frame, lay the side panel or whatever down with cling wrap on it and spray expanding foam on...