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    Never had luck with that Briggs and Stratton style except on Briggs and Strattons. :)
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    1250 oil drain plug size?

    I believe both of those numbers have been discontinued. You can find them on line in the $35-40 range.
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    1250 oil drain plug size?

    The 1250 is actually 3/8”-18 straight thread. It uses a gasket that I consider to be a PITA. Use a 3/8” pipe plug with a little sealer on it. Don’t go go all Hercules on it. The pan is aluminum. Just snug it up good with some sealer.
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    I use this one. https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-23300-Engine-Spring-Compressor/dp/B000P0VTG4/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=3U6JZVYBT9UNW&keywords=small+engine+valve+spring+compressor&qid=1655844084&sprefix=small+wngine+v%2Caps%2C71&sr=8-4
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    1450 question

    Look here: http://cubfaq.com/belts.html
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    How True for a Driveshaft?

    At serial number 622952 they changed to 2 discs on the rear. They also changed the shaft and removed the large ball from inside the rear coupler.
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    Steering wheel removal

    I use a bearing splitter also
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    149 with mechanical lift

    I believe the only number is on the tag
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    need front tires

    I’ve seen the electric tape truck before.
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    need front tires

    I have 16x6.50-8 V-61 tires on my 1250. Love them. They are a tube type tire.
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    need front tires

    Chances are there’s going to be rust inside the rims that will need cleaned up and painted before tire and/or tube installation.
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    My K-301 A

    That spec number is for a Cub. The “A” is for special oil pan. I have a 301 replacement engine from 1974. It had balance gears. I have one from a 122 and a 125 and neither had gears. The first time balance gears show up in the parts lookup is with the 1X8 1x9 series.
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    Please I.D. this model for me.

    I would say 149 based on hydraulic lift also.
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    Camshaft replacement

    You are correct. I looked up the wrong thing. Sorry
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    Camshaft replacement

    Springs my be NLA from Cub Cadet bu Kohler is still making them. Part number 20-089-06-S
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    What’s this frame for?

    That is indeed a mule drive for a mower deck.
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    Kohler K341 rebuild/ different Typs

    Make sure the mounting base is the same. You can remove the fuel pump and block the hole off or just leave it in disconnected. Make sure the PTO shaft is the same also. Dip stick shouldn’t make a difference.
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    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    I’m surprised one of those vehicles following aren’t trying to get around somehow. People love trying to get around snowplows around here.
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    Looked at this today

    This is what I got at TSC.
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    127 that goes no where.

    127 is indeed a narrow frame.