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  1. PACub100

    QL Muffler box

    May not be as easy to find, but there may be some around if you are looking for a muffler box for your QL...check it out, picture of a Jacobsen 1450. Maybe this is a pretty well known thing but I was surprised to notice - did a double take. Looks identical to the muffler box on my 1450 and 1650...
  2. PACub100

    New to site need advice on 1572 D

    Make sure you are at the home screen Pick the appropriate area to post your thread... Start a new thread...
  3. PACub100

    Well I love her again, 1450.

    If you can move the lift control to the left side, you probably wouldn't need to worry about a foot control. Having the lift right alongside the hydro control can and will eventually lead to grabbing the wrong control and launching yourself into a bush... ask me how I know. 🤪
  4. PACub100

    Propane conversion kit ?

    Ok, so the obvious question is..."what's the downside?" I mean, if you mount a decent tank and it lasts quite some time, keep a spare on hand, oil and cylinder stays clean...why wouldn't we want to convert all our lawn tractors to propane? I see how it will impede with standard rear mount...
  5. PACub100

    Propane conversion kit ?

    So how does it perform compared to regular gas model?
  6. PACub100

    the boys hunt is over, 169

    Ahhh...look at those little weights. 🤗 Hahaha! Very cool though...👍😎👍
  7. PACub100

    Propane conversion kit ?

    Interesting... there's a YouTube video of a converted 982. I'd be curious as to how long a bottle lasts. 🤔
  8. PACub100

    never too old to ride a cub

    Very nice and kudos to you. 👍😎👍
  9. PACub100

    Cub cadet 1250 cab

    That's not bad for a price. Yeah, I can't find that post either and for $500, that'd be why. I want to build a windbreaker for mine... just something to keep the wind and snow off me.
  10. PACub100

    Cub cadet 1250 cab

    Friday, I just saw a 129 with a cab for sale close by on FB marketplace for $500. Set your search within 150 miles and you should see it. 👍😎👍
  11. PACub100

    Picked up a John Deer

    Probably designed to "run her till she blows"...🤣
  12. PACub100

    New to me "sad" 782, so I will need lots of help here

    My buddy has a TT... it's a little rocket. He likes his Audi just like I like my Volvo....up until the repair bill 🤣
  13. PACub100

    Picked up a John Deer

    If you got a model like my dad's L120, the hydro is "not good". After the original motor blew, dad found a L100 with a bad rear. The original hydro is fine going forward, but as it got warmer, reverse slowly faded to non-existent. Swapped the rear out of the L120 into the L100 and got another...
  14. PACub100

    Well I love her again, 1450.

    Digger should have the mounts. I'm not sure about swapping 782 parts. I would assume they're mostly the same but I don't know for sure...
  15. PACub100

    just a reminder about mice

    Mice hate 'em...
  16. PACub100

    Tractor Wanted Cub Cadet wanted 0-3K$

    Like my uncle setting the throttle higher on the 100 so he could "throw the snow further". Yeah, now it's a "120" that I currently own....🤣
  17. PACub100

    Cub 149 shutting down

    I agree... when my coil died, it wouldn't start at all. "No mo go"...
  18. PACub100

    Gardens 2022

    Not sure if you can make a ram pump to utilize...I've seen videos on YouTube and it looks pretty interesting 🤔
  19. PACub100

    Air show

    I'm not sure, I live about an hour and half east of there and don't really get out that way often 🤔