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    Archive through September 26, 2019

    So it could possibly run off of the hydro pump still? Very interesting!
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    Archive through September 26, 2019

    Thanks guys! That's a very tempting offer Dave! Got my truck down taking my time away. I've been offering some advice to a younger fellow who wants to put a loader on a Cub. He'll be getting 3 from me in a couple weeks and wanted some opinions on different things.
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    Archive through September 17, 2019

    Austin, you could always fab up a steel tubular front axle like some do for their loaders. I work for Dura Bar, we do continuous cast iron in many grey and ductile grades. In round and rectangular varieties too. I've thought about buying a chunk and machining for the heck of it if I ever got a...
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    Archive through September 17, 2019

    Got a nice brochure from a friend yesterday! First one I've ever had. Pretty nice shape from an old popular mechanics.
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    Archive through August 23, 2019

    Dad's new muffler on his 1450 is still fine, I'll have to pic it tomorrow. Dad loves how quiet it is. still has some of the box around it.
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    Archive through May 16, 2019

    Timothy, I believe it's 3/4 inch
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    Archive through May 16, 2019

    I'm very impressed with the newer smaller quieter quietline mufflers! Dad's 1450 runs way better with me tightening up the governor shaft too.
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    Archive through May 11, 2019

    Brian, I'd try and either push or winch the tractor into the bed. Riding it up is not a good idea and I have a couple scars to prove that wisdom! I only drive them onto trailers that are much lower to the ground.
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    Archive through May 11, 2019

    Well I have not been on here in far too long! Howdy all! Dad's 1450 has been working just fine, but the dang welded muffler finally gave up on him this week. Not enough good metal left to stick it back together. So an order has been placed and I hope he enjoys the quieter sound with the...
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    For Sale

    We'll see how this works. I'm offering two of my cubs for free. They are completely rough to say it in the best way possible. I saved them from the scrappers 2 years ago and need less projects. 105 and 107. If you're looking for a complete restoration project, here you go. If you need some...
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    Blunier Plow Day - 2018 - Roanoke, IL - Oct. 19th & 20th

    Thanks for posting for those who can't make it! Unfortunately Brian, Steve holds it every other year due to planting. But I'm hoping that Travis might have one in the spring! One can hope right?
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    Archive through October 19, 2018

    Terry, I'm with Digger. I have a few k-241's in equipment and the capacity is different in one. I suggest you have a couple quarts of oil on hand and add 3 pints and check the dipstick. Manuals, as you see, can differ. Especially since we can't be 100% positive on what a PO might or might not...
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    You just never know what you'll get!

    https://homesecurity.press/quotes/vintage-alemite-grease-pump.html They made this pump with IH logo it appears.
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    You just never know what you'll get!

    http://www.skf.com/alemite/about/alemite-history/index.html Some interesting info. Especially about where zerk came from.
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    You just never know what you'll get!

    Thanks guys! I couldn't find anything on it. Her grandfather was a construction company diesel mechanic for decades. Now I just have to figure out what to give her for it, lol.
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    You just never know what you'll get!

    I went and helped a sister's friend figure out what her grandfather left her for tools, and bought some. I found this oil can. Anybody know anything on it?
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    Archive through October 12, 2018

    Terry, go for it. You'd be surprised. Tires are backwards, but seems decent
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    How Cold Is IT?

    And I broke out the parka this morning! Lol 33°