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  1. J

    129/149 changes throughout production run?

    Additional information to what Scott has been posting, I have 2 149"s (1) SN 442961 mfg. Aug 72 purchased summer of 78, (2) SN 490127 mfg. Nov 73.
  2. J

    Archive through July 31, 2019

    Chris, thanks. Scott and I were talking Friday night and told me to look at the marking in the hub cover that it looked like a WH symbol, and I have to agree with both of you. As soon as I et a chance I'm going to pop the cover off to remove the wheel.
  3. J

    Archive through July 26, 2019

    Wayne, Marty, Thanks. I don't have any of the whole trailer yet will get some and post later. I want to remove the caps to remove the wheels. I have a small tire changer that I purchased from HF several years ago and want to use that to mount new tires. Just hadn't seen any like this before...
  4. J

    Archive through July 26, 2019

    I have a question for the members; I was given a trailer a few weeks ago. Not sure what brand it is but I need to replace the tires and before I start prying on the hubs, I want to see if anyone has seen this type before and know how to remove it without damage. Thanks
  5. J

    Archive through November 05, 2017

    I've owned my 149 since May 1978 39 years 7 mo.
  6. J

    Archive through October 05, 2017

    I agree with Steve, Jason and Wayne, I have had my 149 for 40 years and it is still going strong. I have done everything with it, plow, mow, push snow -rock-dirt. Thrown snow, tilled. It has done everything I have asked it to do with very few problems.
  7. J

    Archive through October 03, 2017

    Did a little work on my 149 blade tractor. Had to do some carb adjustment on it. Trying to get things ready for winter. May have done my last mowing Monday. Used the 782and mainly threw dust and a few clippings. Depending what we get in the way of rain in the next few weeks I hope this was the...
  8. J

    Archive through August 25, 2017

    David, I had the same problem on 1650 last year. I went through several coils. Like you they were off some of my tractors and were old. After doing a lot of checking I found that the points/coil wire was shorting out on the coil cover. This caused the coil to over heat and kill it. when you make...
  9. J

    Archive through August 23, 2017

    David, I checked a 149,1450and 1650 and all have the hinge on the outside not sandwiched like the picture Kraig posted of Harry's 169. I also agree with Michael, It won't lay flat.
  10. J

    Archive through August 06, 2017

    Last week I took 3 of my tractors for a ride to wash. The 149 just got a new engine dropped in. The 1650 had a cracked dipstick tube where it screws to the block, pulled the engine to fix that. Cleaned up the frame to do the cradle mod and a mod I do to tighten up the axle channel. 782 was...
  11. J

    Truckin' and Trailerin' our Cub Cadets

    Scott has been talking about my truck for the past week so I guess I should show you what he is talking about. I got this last fall at the same time Steve had his plow day. It is a 2016 F150 Sport. Has the 2.7 V6 EB engine 6 speed auto. 325HP 375 torque. When I purchased the truck it came with...
  12. J

    Archive through July 28, 2017

    GMC 1/2 or 3/4 Ton
  13. J

    Archive through May 27, 2017

    Charlie, Thanks.
  14. J

    Archive through May 27, 2017

    Jason, Good call, swapped out the valves for a set of auto's and I am back in motion. Thanks. Been driving these things for almost 40 years and that is the first time that has happened. Had some leakers but not stuck. Out of curiosity has anyone used the guy on Green Bay that re-builds these? I...
  15. J

    Archive through May 27, 2017

    Need a little input form the group? Working on a 149. Been setting for about 3-4 years waiting for me to switch out a bad engine (PO had put it back together with a cracked block). Got the engine in and running good. Now here is the problem. When I parked it, it was working OK in fact Scott...
  16. J

    Archive through February 07, 2017

    Harry, none of the QL's we have, have a gasket in the spark plug hole. Looks like I need to order 6 form Charlie.
  17. J

    Archive through February 07, 2017

    Ethan, don’t feel bad about the comment on getting the 149 a year before you were born. I used to get, “ I wasn’t even born yet” from a lot of my younger co-workers, which was most of them. As you probably know Scott is my son and he is 43. His #2 son (Ethan) always tells me I’m old and once...
  18. J

    Archive through February 06, 2017

    Ethan, sounds like you have a good start on seeing how these are put together and how well they hold up. Sounds like you are going to be like most of the other members on the forum. You buy one then you want another and another and so on. That’s basically how I started. Bought my first cub, a...
  19. J

    Archive through February 06, 2017

    Harry, Scott gave you a little background. I have had to do nothing with the PTO on the 1650. As Scott indicated I have 5 QL's and 1 782 and have had no problems with the PTO. On the other hand, we worked om Scott's 1450 or 1650 a couple of years ago and had to remove the PTO. We had one heck of...
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    Archive through February 06, 2017

    Harry, your WAG on a mechanical PTO about right. I rebuilt the PTO on my 149 in 1981 and it is still going strong.