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    Archive through March 02, 2006

    Steve B What kind of gas mileage due you get with a 150 supercrew? I have been considering that instead of the Colorado.
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    Archive through January 25, 2005

    Has anyone got a chevy Colorado? I'm ready to move up a little from my '98 S10, and have found a '04 Colorado 4 door with 4 cyl engine. But I don't know anybody that has one and I would like anyone's experience with this truck. Thanks
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    Archive through May 25, 2005

    Digger, The weight bracket I am trying to mount on a 149 is the second one you posted - the color picture one. It holds the suitcase weights. Thanks. (Message edited by cmccarty on May 25, 2005)
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    Archive through May 25, 2005

    This will seem like a goofy question, and it may be...... Does anybody have an installation guide for a wide frame weight bracket? I have the bracket and bolts (and weights) but the frame doesnt have holes for the front bolts. I know, measure things, drill holes, move on..... But if there is an...
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    Archive through April 13, 2005

    Gentlemen, Spring is here and I need to make a couple of mowers run at their optimum. How much Marvel Mystery Oil do you put in the gasoline? The bottle says 1 oz per 2.5 gallons of gas? Is that the best ratio, or is more better? or? Also, do you add this mysterious marvel to any other cub...
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    Archive through December 27, 2004

    Paul F. Great to see your latest project. The abilities and imagination of the cubbers will never fail to amaze me. I still want a crack at that pull plow! Here's a simple question - on a 100 can I mount one rear wheel weight on the inside of the rim and one on the outside?
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    Archive through November 19, 2004

    Can you belong to Chapter 34 and another chapter at the same time?
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    Archive through July 29, 2004

    Mike Frade, Good to see you post again. Maybe it is a jinx from meeting Paul - I am now moving to Indianapolis!!!!! The move hasn't really become real yet. I've lived in Gibson County my entire life! Now I'm going to the BIG CITY. (for indiana it is). Kind of backwards. Anyway - no...
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    Archive through July 29, 2004

    Bryan Baker, When Paul Funk offers help, accept! Paul, thanks for all your help! I obviously missed the Boonville show -- Finding a temporary place in Indy, finishing up in Evansville, etc., is more work than I thought!! Real sorry I won't be around for help with the tranny control and...
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    Archive through July 09, 2004

    Donnie, I have the same situation with my 106. Can't get to the highest lift notch. It is a real irritation when plowing. But now I,ve changed plow tractors so I have a whole new set of irritations. An un-named mechanic suggested carefully filing away at the frame until the lift arm would...
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    Archive through July 07, 2004

    Ryan M, Godspeed in your recovery. We pray all goes well.
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    Archive through July 05, 2004

    Gee whiz. I checked out that ebay item and almost sent the guy my cub money. Then remembered it is all gone.
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    Archive through July 02, 2004

    Kraig, Thanks. Thought I was an outcast.
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    Archive through July 02, 2004

    OK, what do you think of the Campbell-Hausfeld brand air tools - especially their gravity feed paint sprayers? They have a 2 gun combo pack attractively priced now at Lowes. Are they any good?
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    Archive through July 02, 2004

    Can someone explain why I can't view the "Cool IH Cub Cadets, not OEM..." page?
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    Archive through June 20, 2004

    What frame does a 1000 have? is it the same as a 108 "wide frame"? Thanks
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    Archive through June 15, 2004

    Lonnie, Frank M's back yard, side yard, and driveway are full! He has way more cubs and stuff than I think he is entitled to - I cannot imagine the sales job he had to do to get the Mrs. to park in the street so he can have a complete machine shop in his garage! I wish I could find the...
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    Archive through June 14, 2004

    I wanna see that picture!
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    Archive through June 11, 2004

    I need help from someone with tiller experience. Can I leave the tiller angle gearbox on the tractor when I put on the brinley sleave hitch on for plowing, cultivating, etc. Or, do I have to unbolt the gearbox and put on the lower 3 point bracket for the sleave hitch each time I change from...
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    IH Cub Cadet Pulling and Hot Rodding

    Ryan, Sometimes at my age a fellow wanders around a little. Oops.