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    1/2 scale Cub Cadet Original

    The post with the toy below got me thinking. There is a man showing a 1/2 scale model of a Cub Cadet Original around here at tractor shows. It is about the size of or slightly smaller than a pedal tractor. Is anyone making them? I have toyed with the idea of making a similar (But working)...
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    Original Porous air filter cup

    I found an original air filter for my 'Original', but after it was apart I found that it had been dry for quite some time. I bead blasted it and although I didn't see any holes it leaks oil. Is there any type material I can coat the inside with that will seal it? P.S.: I found out 'Flex...
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    Cub 70 and 100 battery boxes.

    Do you know why my Cub 100 has a battery box for the Lawn and Garden size battery and you can mount a full-size car battery in my 70? The other Frankenstein 70 with the K241 in it has a big battery box in it as well.
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    Cub Cadet 70, 100 grill color

    I have three, two 70s and a 100. Their grills are three different colors. Which is correct?
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    K241 carburetor

    The p.o. installed a later style carburetor on the engine. The choke lever on the carburetor is opposite the position needed to work with this older K241 engine. Its like those on a Quiet Line or a Magnum that pushes the lever up to close and I need it to pull down to work with my choke cable...
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    Frankentractor questions:

    Got to work on the Frankentractor again. When I quit I could see the governor assembly was off its little dowel and laying on its side under the cam looking up at me. More fun tomorrow. I don't know if its salvageable or not, only a couple more hours work to get in to it. (If its as hard to...
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    Frankentractor followed me home. K241 governor problems.

    Frankentractor? Well, it says 70 on the hood, Has a 10 hp. engine, and the seller said the serial on the transmission was from a 73. I bought it knowing it had clutch problems. The seller also told me it had governor problems. I found out tonight that the governor shaft coming out of the...
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    100 main clutch question

    Trying to not screw up a CC 100 clutch repair. (Like I did on the last '70 that tends to 'drag' when released. If I can figure it out so this one works, I will attack the '70s clutch again.) My queston is the clutch plates-Are they supposed to be 'dead flat'? Are there any other tricks about...
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    'Early' and 'Late' piston rings (K241)

    I just found out tonight that my K241 I am overhauling has a .020 piston. I have a pretty good piston but I really need to replace the rings. The parts books where I work sometimes list rings for these K series as 'early' and 'late'. I know that has something to do with what thickness the...
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    K241 connecting rod/crank

    I just took apart the K241 in a '100' I bought in '18. I had it running then and remember as having a 'knock', especially at idle and part throttle. I was expecting to grind the crank .010 and put a new rod in. What I find is the crank is actually .012 under (1.488) and the new-looking rod...
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    Interesting Fenders

    I just wanted to call attention to the interesting fenders on the 100 pictured on the thread 'Tractor Lifts',