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    Archive through September 25, 2016

    Used front electric PTO from a Cadet 982 with Onan motor. This pto was removed from a tractor with a blown motor. It worked fine until motor bent a valve. Asking $150 plus $15 shipping. Email me in my Profile
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    Archive through November 17, 2015

    I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get new brake lining installed on my old pads. I have a 108 and the brake pads are shot on it. I have a couple of steep hills on my property and need good brakes. I have tried a couple of used pads with decent lining on them but they don't last...
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    1882 has slow reverse

    OK Thank you for everyone's reply and suggestions. The tractor has been sitting a lot more than it was used by the previous owner. I bought it about a year ago and I only used it a couple of times. I have to many tractors and not enough grass to cut to use all of them. It kind of has become an...
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    1882 has slow reverse

    OK Does anyone have an idea of which one is which?? If I can't use a solvent to clean them with what is safe to use? Would it be better to just pull both of them and send them out to that guy in Ohio and have them rebuilt?
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    1882 has slow reverse

    I have a model 1882 tractor that goes forward fine but is very slow in backing up. When you press the brake pedal down it returns the hydro lever right back to dead center and there is no creeping. Is the reverse hydro valve going bad or is there an adjustment that I can make to fix this problem.
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    Will a rear 3 pt hitch from standard frame tractor fit a Super

    I recently bought a 1541 Cadet with a rear 3pt hitch on it. I want to remove it and put it on a 1882 Super that I have. Will everything fit alright or is there something that I will have to change to make it fit on the 1882?
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    Archive through November 23, 2014

    Haban 45" two stage snow blower. Nice shape. Was last used on a model 1872 SGT. It can be used on standard frame tractor by just shorting up the rear mounting rails. Go to my website to see it www.chucksstuff.com I would like to get $400 for it.
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    Archive through September 16, 2014

    Cadet 122, 12hp motor, 3sp trans with creeper gear, hydraulic lift, 3pt hookup with Brinly sleeve hitch, rear Ag tires filled with washer fluid, homemade concrete wheel weights. Included with it is a 42" snow thrower, 42" mower deck, Brinly garden plow and cultivator and a 42" snowplow. Tractor...
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    HELP-Cub 2072 Hydro Problem

    My guess is that the hydro charge pump is going bad. it is rare that they do but it can happen. Better try and find another used one and swap it on and see what happens. I have a Kubota tractor that is starting to do the same thing and will have to address it soon.
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    ATV Tires vs AG Tires

    Ok guys I want your opinion concerning using AG tires or aggressive tread ATV tires on a Cub Cadet for plowing snow. I have a long blacktop driveway and have been using rubber cleated chains on my tractor to plow snow with. I have 75lb wheel weights on each wheel. I find that I do not have alot...
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    Archive through July 16, 2012

    A couple of months ago I purchased a pair of coils from a member of this site. I remember his site name as Smitty. I believe that he has a lawn mower repair shop somewhere in Iowa. If anybody can help me get in touch with him I would greatly appreciate it. My email is [email protected]
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    Archive through May 31, 2012

    Hey guys. Put your thinking caps on and shoot me your ideas and suggestions about putting hydraulic lift on a 125 cadet. I still have my dad's 125 cub cadet that he bought new in 1969. It is showing it's age pretty good but I only use it for snow plowing. Even though it has the spring assist on...
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    Archive through May 16, 2012

    I am looking for a good used pair of coils for a 2284 Cadet with the Kohler 22hp Command motor. email me at [email protected]
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    Need help on selecting an SGT model.

    I have 2 1882's with 50" decks and a pair of 2284's with 54" decks and a 982 with a 60" deck. I prefer the Magnum motor over the V type Command motor. The 982 with the Onan motor is great too. It didn't have power steering and I found it quite difficult to turn with the big 60" deck on it. I...
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    1811 CCC/Engine dies when pto is engaged

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all of the info comcerning the problem with my tractor,s PTO. I have rehooked the reverse safety switch and the seat safety switch and the problem still remains. I took another PTO switch off of another one of my tractors that I know worked and swapped switches just to make...
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    Archive through February 21, 2012

    Try contacting Ray Weaver in SE Penna. for that 16hp Kohler motor. He most likely has several of them. 717-587-3727
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    1811 CCC/Engine dies when pto is engaged

    Marlin & Bernie, Yes the wires that go on the micro switch for the reverse stop mower when backing up have been removed and tied together. I think that I will put them back on and see if it makes a difference. As for the seat safety switch that also has been unhooked and I do not know how. If...
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    1811 CCC/Engine dies when pto is engaged

    I recently bought a 1811 Cadet from a woman. She told me that it wouldn't start and a friend of hers said that it had a bad coil in it. I pulled it apart and replaced the coil and it started right up. When I engaged the front pto the motor dies just like you would turn the key off. Turn the pto...
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    Disconnect clutch on 1512 diesel - Should I keep it.

    Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth here about the driveshaft issue. I had a 1572 diesel that had a bad vibration in the driveline. Turned out to be the driveshaft worn beyond repair. I bought a good used driveshaft out of a 1872 gas tractor and shortened it so that it would fit the...
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    2084 running hot

    I have a 1882 that started running hot and I could not figure out why. It actually got so hot that it would shut down. I finally took it to a buddy of mine who works at a IH tractor dealer and he found the crankshaft seals were shot. It leaked oil down into the fan area and clogged up the fins...