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    SGT wheelbase?

    Thanks Charlie.
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    SGT wheelbase?

    I have been trying to find out what the wheelbase is of the SGT's. I have searched and have found the track width and overall lenght but nothing on wheelbase. Just in case someone may not know wheelbase is center of front axle to center of rear axle thanks.
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    Archive through July 07, 2007

    Jim T. There is also a 18x6.50x8 that is also available. that is what I am using on the front of my 1450.
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    Archive through June 20, 2007

    Jim, Thank's this is one of 2 that I have plus a 147. Yes the 26's are on the stock wheels. The fronts is something that I am experimenting with. They were JD rear hubs that I machined to take bushings till I can find the type of bearings that I want to use and I have them on stock 1" axles...
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    Archive through June 20, 2007

    Charlie, I know what your saying. They are raised, but I did them with a taper. I used 1" spacers on the frame with 3/4" to 1/2" on the foot rest. I tilled with it this spring with no problems so far, but I was planing on trying some thing else.
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    Archive through June 20, 2007

    I tought that I might try and share a couple shots one of my 1450's for my first post. It is a work in progress has 26-12-12's with 18-6.50-8's. Hope this worked.
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    Archive through August 31, 2005

    Bryan, when I joined this forum I said that I was looking for information and ideas. I have been able to find this information by reading post, FAQ along with the Archives but I have not posted for not having anything to say or having to ask questions. I guess this means that I am a TRUE lurker...