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    Cub Original. Serial numbers?

    Thank you very much for the information. I will report back as it goes along with my daughter. Enjoy your day and thanks to all that have served our beautiful country!!
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    Cub Original. Serial numbers?

    Hi! I have an old Cub Original, it is really rough and I had it at least 25 years as a parts machine. I am going to work on it with my daughter for an FFA project. Anyway the serial number is hard to read. It’s either 1925 or 925. Is there any distinct differences between them? It looks like...
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    Red 382

    Thanks. Yes this machine has a black front axle for sure. Thank you for the information.
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    New Addition to forum.

    Thanks for the add. I grew up mowing with a cub original starting when I was 5 in 1978. Still have the original. I love it. Have a 109 and a 382 and a #2 yard cart that needs some paint. Here is my kids enjoy a little cub time.
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    Red 382

    This looks like a 1982 382 by the serial number. 074673 Is this a CCC built tractor sold at a red store? Any help would be appreciated. thanks for letting me join as well!