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    I bought another one. 1250 Hydro

    Hello everyone, I am interested in opinions and thoughts about a 1978 1250 hydro. It hasn't run in some time and the mower deck is trash but it did come with a dozer blade and rotor tiller with the rear pto and three point hitch. I will post some photos when I can. The motor does roll over...
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    My First Cub Cadet

    Hello everyone, I have recently joined this forum and thank everyone for their welcome. I bought a 1968 Cub Cadet 104. Neither clutch worked, the drive clutch nor the pto clutch. I partially disassembled the tractor and located the issues. The drive clutch pressure spring was broken and the...
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    New member

    Hello all, I have found your forum while looking for information on cub cadet tractors. I purchased a 1968 102 with a barely used 36" snowblower and two mower decks. With some make shift repairs I have made the tractor usable but there is a lot of work to do yet. I also purchased parts from...