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    1882 has slow reverse

    I have a model 1882 tractor that goes forward fine but is very slow in backing up. When you press the brake pedal down it returns the hydro lever right back to dead center and there is no creeping. Is the reverse hydro valve going bad or is there an adjustment that I can make to fix this problem.
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    Will a rear 3 pt hitch from standard frame tractor fit a Super

    I recently bought a 1541 Cadet with a rear 3pt hitch on it. I want to remove it and put it on a 1882 Super that I have. Will everything fit alright or is there something that I will have to change to make it fit on the 1882?
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    Archive through September 16, 2014

    Cadet 122, 12hp motor, 3sp trans with creeper gear, hydraulic lift, 3pt hookup with Brinly sleeve hitch, rear Ag tires filled with washer fluid, homemade concrete wheel weights. Included with it is a 42" snow thrower, 42" mower deck, Brinly garden plow and cultivator and a 42" snowplow. Tractor...
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    ATV Tires vs AG Tires

    Ok guys I want your opinion concerning using AG tires or aggressive tread ATV tires on a Cub Cadet for plowing snow. I have a long blacktop driveway and have been using rubber cleated chains on my tractor to plow snow with. I have 75lb wheel weights on each wheel. I find that I do not have alot...
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    1811 CCC/Engine dies when pto is engaged

    I recently bought a 1811 Cadet from a woman. She told me that it wouldn't start and a friend of hers said that it had a bad coil in it. I pulled it apart and replaced the coil and it started right up. When I engaged the front pto the motor dies just like you would turn the key off. Turn the pto...
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    1782D won't crank

    A few days ago I started my 1782 diesel up and when I released the brake pedal it stopped just like you would have turned the key off. I went to restart it and had nothing. No juice going anywhere. I found an inline 30 amp fuse cooked coming out of the starter and replaced it with a entire new...
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    Info needed about driveshaft on 1572 Diesel

    Hi Guys, I just recently joined up with you after reading thru your posts for about a year now. I have several super garden tractors and have recently purchased a model 1572 diesel. It needs a little TLC but the worst item on it is the driveshaft. It has some kind of a clutch on the back of it...