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    Cub 1862 died

    Hello. I've got a '99ish 1862 Cub. I unsuccessfully tried to jumpstart my truck battery with it. Now, it's dead. I charged the battery, no luck. I put a new battery in, still no luck. I turn the key and I hear nothing. Anyone have any ideas to try or suggestions. Any info. will help. Thanks in...
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    Cub 1862 plow or snow blower

    I've got a Cub 1862 i'd like to get a plow or snow blower for. I've seen lots of both for sale, but i don't know if they'll attach to my tractor. Does anyone know how to determine if they'll fit? or how to figure out what model plow or blower i need? TIA!
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    Wrong Mule Drive on 1862?

    Hello cub enthusiasts, Just got my first Cub a 1995 model 1862. Love the POWER! However, its eating belts; the one going from front PTO, down under guide pulleys and back to deck drive pulley. I think it may have the wrong mule drive on it. I noticed it only has 1 bolt on each side...