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  1. John Will

    Just another 129 project

    So in October 2020 We moved from a 3 acre house and property to a one acre plot. All of my cubs had to go as they would not fit in the new shed. And as any cub guy would do, the search was on for new to me Cubs. I found a 1641 that was marking it territory with Hy-tran. That was the first...
  2. John Will

    My Collection

    I've got 1641 Cub with 45c deck, and 54-inch blade, as seen in the attached photos. First two photos show the day I brought it home, October 24, 2021; second two show it in use on January 7, 2022. I also have a 129 that I bought in Rubbermaid tubs, to put back together.