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    Kohler vs well, everybody else

    Chinesium (sp) is a great word but in my opinion Kohler did it to themselves when they named their poc "Courage "
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    New from Oklahoma

    Your Cub probably was resold by auction house to someone who wanted it . Probably for more than you paid . That was why they gladly will refund your money .
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    Sims cabs

    If it has model number or serial number contact Sims
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    Part ordered for my lathe departs on countrywide tour!!

    Sent a Registered letter from Richmond,VA To Houston . It was cash Christma gift to my great nephew . The only way to insure cash was Registered mail . It took 19 days for delivery . It got hung up in the swamp ( Washington ) .
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    New Member

    Is that IBEW 669 , Richmond ?
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    winter projects to stay busy

    Speaking of winter projects , there is a complete 129 less seat in the Richmond , VA. CRAIGSLIST. $100
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    Zero turn - HELP!!

    The main metering jet works only when it has sufficient fuel !
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    Mower Blade Nut Frozen

    Lagavulin or Laphroaig
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    Mower Blade Nut Frozen

    Soak with Kano Kroil . The best Penetrating oil ever made !
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    Am I asking too much?

    Unless you mow very slow with it you may not be satisfied with it . Only about 10 hp.! A lot of deck for 10 hp , had one and replaced it with a 42 " rider . Much quicker !
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    New to site need advice on 1572 D

    Have had to do this on my 782d , 656d, 1086td, and Hitachi 150 excavator
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    New to site need advice on 1572 D

    1. It has a plastic fuel tank , drain it and flush it out . Over time diesel fuel will jelly in a plastic tank. 2. Remove the valve in the bottom of the tank and clean it with fresh fuel. Blow it out and return to tank. 3. Remove fuel line to the filter and blow it out , replace. 4. Replace fuel...
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    Parts Wanted 782d dash panel

    The dash , there is a guage cluster piece on ebay
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    Parts Wanted 782d dash panel

    Looking for a 782d dash
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    Tractor For Sale For sale..International harvester 104cub cadet *SOLD*

    Check craigslist richmond , va. There are 4 or 5 Cub Cadets for sale there .
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    New IH man key chain is sticky

    Try vegetable oil.
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    Cub Cadet LT1050

    A shive is a plug for a bung hole in a barrel , a sheave is what you are referring to .
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    Postal delivery problems

    First class Christmas Card delivery , sent 12/ 22 delivered 4/ 15 ( 50 miles ) . Birthday Card 6 days ( 20 miles) and there are more ( a stack ). The thing they have in common is they all have to go through the mail processing center in Sandston, VA.
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    the Safety gas cans, pain

    Digger Sorry for no thank you but a day or two after opening my package from CCS your vent showed up to the table. I did not know where it came from or what it was. Think my wife trashed it . Would have been nice to know what it was. But thanks anyway.