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  1. John Will

    Just another 129 project

    Yesterday was getting the 1641 ready for summer as a backup mower. The middle photo shows the primary mower in the background. Today is more on the 129.
  2. John Will

    Just another 129 project

    So last weekend was doing more to get the engine put together. When I put it in the frame, I left the starter generator, carb, muffler and other accessories off to make it easier to move. Last weekend I got it bolted in and most of the accessories on.
  3. John Will

    Can't find a starter for a Cub Cadet LT42. Weird!

    That engine and starter were both made in China for Cub Cadet. Many of the higher priced units taht year had the Koehler 7000 or Kawasaki engines, so they were not all that common overall. The parts for those engines have been slow, but they are coming through, so contact a good dealer and be...
  4. John Will

    New to the Forum, Sandy Hook Connecticut

    Glad to see you found it. Welcome.
  5. John Will

    Looking at 1641

    Find out the service history, also. Those engines were supposed to have the valves adjusted every three hundred hours. I will tell you from mine, it does make a big difference in how they run. It can also make a difference in the engine life span.
  6. John Will

    Just another 129 project

    So the front axle was reworked with a new bushing before I bought it. Everything has a coat of paint, although it is not all the proper shade. it was done with what was on hand. The lift shaft is in place, but I have one more spiroil pin to put in place. The dash tower has been started and...
  7. John Will


    And all of them are better than Amazon in our area. And they tore up my driveway a year ago, we called them about the damage, and they wouldnt even consider looking at the damage without a video. Last package from them, canceled all services from them. All they had to do was look at it.
  8. John Will

    Just another 129 project

    As of today...
  9. John Will

    Just another 129 project

    As it was when I got it. It has been interesting trying to find what parts were missing and what were still with it.
  10. John Will

    Just another 129 project

    So in October 2020 We moved from a 3 acre house and property to a one acre plot. All of my cubs had to go as they would not fit in the new shed. And as any cub guy would do, the search was on for new to me Cubs. I found a 1641 that was marking it territory with Hy-tran. That was the first...
  11. John Will

    Greeting from Connecticut

    Also from CT. Newtown/Sandy Hook. Welcome.
  12. John Will


    No deals in this corner of the country either. The dealership here normally starts with 7 trailer loads of Cubs for the season--Got almost one so far. Then I find an I1042 in Craigslist for $2650.00! I am not sure two of them would have been worth that new, but what do I know. Still working...
  13. John Will

    My Collection

    Yes. I love it. Looking for all the parts to also make it power angle.
  14. John Will

    Considering an electric XT1 LT42E........whataya know about them...?

    Cub has used three different systems in the last couple of years in those tractors. The parts and systems are NOT interchangeable. Very few techs seem to be fluent in the systems yet and most of the dealers I know don't stock the parts yet. I am in Connecticut and the dealer I work for had...
  15. John Will

    Engine oil

    I was always told 10-30 if it has a filter, 30 without except for 5-30 for snowblowers. Now the schools have been telling me 10-40 in hot weather, especially if it is commercial or used hard. Now they are adding in that oil for our engines from Kawasaki, Toro, and some of the other...
  16. John Will

    How much Snow ya got ?

    I wish we were getting snow. Last 2 storms were more ice than snow. The rain and ice kicked the front end of my 1641 all over the place if I tried to angle the blade at all. Might start to thaw a little soon, so I can't decide if I should change to the small blade or roll the dice as is for...
  17. John Will

    Is this good or bad?

    The dealer I work for ordered their usual amount of Cubs for the year. 1day later they were told they would not get their entire order. We have sold all of the GSX models we will get for the year already. We will not stock XT1 models, have not received any XT2 42" models yet and are almost...
  18. John Will


    The way it was worded to me in the service schools is "midgrade fuel" or middle button on the pump. No discount fuel due to the additional dirt and ethanol they would have. Also has been worded as " if the pump does not have three buttons for the tree levels of fuel, do not buy fuel there".