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    International 300U

    Been looking at a neighbor’s tractor. Looks like 1956 international 300 utility, power steering with loader and rear blade. Has conversion to 3 point. Hasn’t run a 3-5 years. Last week I pulled the plugs and sprayed oil into each cylinder. Today I was able to spend a little time today...
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    Looking at a Farmall super A

    Trying to get some thoughts from people. Found a farmall super a currently not running but with good tires. It does have a cracked block in front of the carburetor (typical freeze crack location). The Individual doesn’t have an asking price so I through out a low price in a email. While he...
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    104 starter/generator problem

    My 104 has become my trailer hauling tractor. Maybe 1 out of 30 starts the starter won’t turn. If I manually spin the starter slightly it then seems to work fine. Seems like I got a bad spot on the starter/generator. Any suggestion?
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    Caddigger 508 for 1512

    Been working on second Covid project for past month. Over the summer I built a loader for the tractor and now making the matching backhoe. Here are some photos and I will share updates. Things are on hold for the next month or so because maple sap starting to run and my backyard maple sugaring...
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    1512 hauling firewood

    While the 104 has been difficult I did get to spend some quality time with the 1512 over the weekend. There were multiple blow downs and damaged trees I needed to add to my firewood supply. None of these are huge trees but they still burn and at most need to be split once! typical load for...
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    Air intake hose 782d/1512

    Was working on the 1512 today. Had to remove air filter housing. Noticed the air intake hose is starting to crack. Went online and it looks like replacement are not available. The cub cadet part number is 735-3018. Any ideas?
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    Adding Hour Meter to 104

    With all the new parts/repairs/rebuilds I am doing on my 104 I was thinking about putting a hour meter onto the tractor. Seems like multiple options for mounting a standard 2” hour meter. Anyone ever do this? Photo examples would be great!
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    1811 steer column shaft

    Have a friend working on his 1811. He noticed something on the steering column shaft. Anyone seen this before?
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    Work begins on 104

    Almost wrapped up on the loader build so I started another project. The other year I was given a 104 by a friend. Not a runner but most of the parts there. I tore into the engine k241 over the weekend. This is my first single cylinder kohler. Well after degreasing the engine I started...
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    Cadplan loader for 1512

    Was a busy Cub Cadet day! Completed final assembly of loader. Thanks for all the help John!
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    1711 Driveshaft Upgrade

    Two weeks ago when my son backed the 1711 into the shed after mowing it started to leak fluid (Lots!). After checking things out turns out driveshaft bushings (both ends), pump adapter and driveshaft were all bad. This allowed the rubber disks to rub the oil filter and cut it open! Well time...
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    1512 Muffler

    Was working the 1512 tonight and noticed some exhaust coming out around the heat shield. Removed the shields and found multiple cracks on the end of the muffler. Before breaking the welder out I wanted to see if anyone has repaired one of these mufflers? Seems like pretty thick metal as...
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    782 Rebirth Started

    Pulled the engineless 782 into the garage and started disassembly. While I am not interested in full out restoration I wanted to clean up the tractor and put a fresh coat of paint on. Additionally I was going to go replace the seals in the rear axle and the cork gasket on the pump...
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    Something Strange with Cub Cadet Transmission Fluid

    I might be seeing things. I put new seals onto my 1512 and was filling the fluid up using the Cub Cadet Fluid Had less then I thought so went and picked up more. Since I have another tractor to do I picked up the 5 gal bucket. When I started to pour fluid from the new bucket it...
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    1512 rear cover bolt torque

    Pulled the 1512 into the garage for a once over before putting the snowplow on for the winter. Wanted to change transmission fluid and grease the machine up. Noticed the rear axle end seals starting to leak, carrier seals little leak and one of the rubber grommets on the gas tank leaking...
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    782 slowly back to life - when to change hydro fluid

    I have slowly collected parts needed to bring a engineless 782 back to life. While I have tested the hydro basic function (using a drill) it has not been run in years (5-10) The fluid looks ok and I do plan on doing a hydro fluid change and filter. Including opening rear cover and cleaning...
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    1512 lift slow

    Out plowing this morning with my 1512. Had issues where the plow would not lift. Here is the biggest issue. It would work 90% of the time. Than just stop. The tractor would still move. The plow would go down not up. I have my plow set up to run on the front hydraulics for lift. I also...
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    Wheelhorse kt17 into 782?

    Found a ok deal on a kt17 from a wheelhorse to repower my 782 without an engine. While the output shaft is 1 1/8 diameter it is about 1 inch longer. Has anyone done this conversion or am I just getting into trouble?
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    782 Model Tag

    Was looking at the serial number tag on my engineless 782. The tractor does have the cast iron rear diff. The tag slightly different than my 1512 and 1711. Specifically the location (Brownsville vs Cleveland) and the Model number format. Is this just the first year of transition to Cub Cadet...
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    1711 Driveshaft seems long

    Hello All, Last week while mowing the my 1711 started to make a ticking sound. Then started to coast down hill and I had no hydro power. After examining things the spiral pin by the pump fell out and the sound was just the drive shaft spinning on the pump shaft. Took everything apart...