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  1. dkauzlarich

    Parts For Sale Arm rests needed for GT 1554

    The kit p/n for the armrests is CC757-04040 but I don't expect to find any NOS :) O-o-ps my bad. Should read PARTS WANTED:help:
  2. dkauzlarich

    Gas tank for a 104

    Mine has a leaky seam so I want to simply swap it out for one that is known to not leak. I have a set of headlights for a 128 if you want to swap.
  3. dkauzlarich

    GT 1554 engine miss

    It's a 27 hp Kohler that's starts and runs fine when cold. If you shut it down after it's warmed up, on restart, it runs on one cylinder for a while. After a minute or so it clears up and runs fine. Any thoughts? Bought new on 6/15/08 s/n 1A248H10025 Does that make it an 08 model?
  4. dkauzlarich

    104 front rims

    Need a decent pair of 4.80 x 8 rims for my 104. 3/4" axle.