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    New to the Forum, Sandy Hook Connecticut

    Welcome to the forum from redding, ct.
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    1250 cub wont start

    When you replacrd coil did you reattach condenser? The condenser on my 1200 is attached to the engine via a coil bolt. If condenser not well grounded you can have spark one minute and gone the nxt. Dont ask me how I know!
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    Won’t stay running.

    Just a thought. Do u know if fuel getting to the carb? Pull off fuel line and check. Does your machine have a fuel shutoff? Might save you a carb rebuild... Good Luck.
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    1953/54 Farmall Cub?

    Found this the other day. Not running but used to. I think its a farmall cub, 1953/54 vintage... Anyone know anything re this beast?
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    Snagged this yesterday on a whim

    Sorry, too early to type... we had one of these foggers 60 years ago. It was mounted to push mower and was fed via drip tank. Used to spray DDT mix which made a massive white cloud. Damn stuff killed everything! Small wonder it was banned.
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    Snagged this yesterday on a whim

    We had one of these foggers on a lawn mower about 6
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    Bald Faced Hornets in Front Yard Tree

    My 12 gauge used to destroy the nest and the hornets died of lead poisoning!
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    motor hoist idea

    I bought Harbor Freight electric hoist with wired remote that easily can lift up to 800 lbs. With coupon costs about $100.00. Very handy for tractor work and quartering Whitetails!
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    Newbe Question

    Thought i'd throw my 2¢ in. My 1200 had safety switch under the seat, also one for the clutch. The pto safety was manuall controlled via dash switch. Good luck whstever you decide..
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    '76 1200 lives again!!

    Tractor was in distress when i got it! Guess i should mount the IH emblem right side up now! Thanks for all the encouraging coments!
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    '76 1200 lives again!!

    I picked this one up a year ago in pretty sad shape, lots of rust, blown head gasket, rear tires rotted out. But its a 3 speed with creeper so I had to get her up and running. Took her out this afternoon hauling firewood. Now runs like new, I added some headlites and taillights and from google...
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    1200 mower deck and plow blade

    Pics now posted in for sale forum
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    cc 1200 mower deck and plow blade

    Asking 50.00 each. Here are some pics
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    1200 mower deck and plow blade

    Do a search on 1200 mower deck. Thx
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    1200 mower deck and plow blade

    Need to get these gone asap. 44" mower deck and hookups from cc 1200 good condition $50.00, also 54" snow blade from same machine with hookups $50.00 Redding, Ct Pics in for sale section
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    Starter engagement issues

    Sounds like couls be an alignment issue. Back in the day we used to use shims to correct alignment....just a thought...
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    Portable generator input.

    There is a device out there called an interlock kit for < 100.00 that is a kind of manual transfer switch. It consists of a steel cover and mounts inside your panel. The only wiring necessary is the addition of a main breaker to your panel. Advantage is that you can choose what circuits to power...
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    Cub 1641 carburetor

    Just for the halibut, you might try taking the bowl, fliat, and jet out. Then remove anything plastic from the carb. Drop the carb in a pot of boiling water and ket it cook for 10 minutes or so. Then remove and blow out all orifices with an air hose and reassembke and retry. Although...
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    mower deck and snow blade - Ct.

    44" mower deck and hookups from cc 1200 good condition $100.00, also 54" snow blade from same machine with hookups $100.00 Redding, Ct.
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    mower deck and plow

    Harry, you are correct. I remeasured deck per your instructions. It is a 44" deck. Also, i did measure plow end to end for 54". Attached some new pics, including the blade sub frame. As far as i know this blade was used on the 1200. Thanks for your help!