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    Road trip

    Not a nice day but worth the road trip
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    125 Cub

    Hi there just wondering how much would a guy pay for a cub Cadet 125 with cab, snowblower and mower deck has hydraulic lift and I just seen in the picture has rear shaft for running equipment there is a price on it but I don't want to over pay if I was to get it,oh and it's a runner. Thanks for...
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    85/86 982 international Cub Cadet

    Have had my 982 international Cub Cadet 19.9 Onan two cylinder a few years now there was some small things that needed to be done but for the age is expected she only has 1661 hours, just got her all set up for the snow that is on its way weather we want it or not, ended up near the end of last...
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    13 spline female bar stock

    Where would a guy start to look for round bar with 13 spline inside just at the local steel dealer need for 45inch snow thrower impeller so I can drill out and insert new and weld THANKS. Hope this is in the right spot
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    Need a little input

    Just acquired a 382 and a 282 both need work but which one would be the one to focus more attention on thanks for any input and help.
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    Proper gear oil

    Hi would anyone no the proper gear oil that's a good all season oil for an 85/982 international cub cadet hydrostatic. Not sure what's in it at this point but don't like the cold thanks
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    Cub info

    Hi is there a good site somewhere to look up cub serial and model numbers thanks
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    Wondering if anyone has taillights with bulb sockets for a 982 international cubcadet, one is fine but two is better thanks.
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    Looking for lower grill for 982 cub cadet