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  1. rkuik

    the boys hunt is over, 169

    well our son came home w/a 169 manual lift and it runs. i thought he did alright. got a set of bar tires, a repop box blade (now i have to paint) 12 small IH front end weights (they are cute) and best of all, found my an oil bath air cleaner for my 3 digit original. what a find.
  2. rkuik

    Garden Tractor Daze, Portage WI July 14-16, 2022

    Well, 2 months away, looking forward to the 3 day event in Portage. If you have not heard about it, it is on Face Book. My son and I will be there on Friday and Saturday displaying several of our tractors and some extra parts to sell. If you are on the forum and come, please stop in and say...
  3. rkuik

    and the boy came home w/another accessory

    well, i know it looks rough, but for $25 he could not pass up. n i believe we can straighten out the one side. i was wondering is this a #4 or not w/it being made by CCC. and where do i look up part numbers for it? i tried several areas on the CC parts look up site using the model plate. and...
  4. rkuik

    found another Original, but this one is a 3 digit, hi 600's, Jan 61

    just came home today w/this one. i am basically the 2nd owner. ih employee retired in WI, used this to mow for 40 years. traded w/the CC dealer 20 years ago, sat at the dealer's owner storage unit until i brought home today. it was mowing lawn when dealer traded w/a new mower. it has some...
  5. rkuik

    the boy came home w/another

    well, he drove 3 hours one way to get it, but now he has a red one. 782 CCC, dual hydr, w/44 deck, hydro turn blade, wheel weights and chains. he is the 3rd owner, has the registration from Feb of 1985, 1400 hrs on tractor, 300 hours on replacement series II engine. must be in the last run of...
  6. rkuik

    IHCC decks, belts and PTO's info sheet

    Not sure if this would be useful to anyone, I know some of this is in useful info, I have used it several times over the years. 1st sheet is from the old IH parts merch cat. The rest is info that I complied to assist me in what belt is what, what deck is what and the 2 different PTO's. Use as...
  7. rkuik

    look what the boy came home with, #2 trailer

    by all means, not great, but it is a #2, all for a case of Busch Light.
  8. rkuik

    Pair of 1450's just got last week.

    just picked up a pair of 1450's last week. not sure what the plan of attack should be, all though i have time. the 4/75 is running, needs battery, hydr lift lever, muffler box, side shields. the 9/78 has no engine, but rest is there, however, the battery box is real bad. i am debating of...
  9. rkuik

    the Safety gas cans, pain

    i have several of the old plastic gas cans for gas, well i have a compact diesel kubota also. after i got it, look hi and low for the "non" safety can to no avail and broke down and bought a "safety" one. what a mistake, spilled more fuel w/that than i wanted. UNTIL i found on 'diggers" site...
  10. rkuik

    mini Cub Cadet original

    not sure if this is where to post, but here goes. just got my 1/25th scale CC original, S/N 029 of 100. they made from a 3D printer. it is really neat. it does not have fenders on it, but it does have a creeper lever on it.
  11. rkuik

    RED Power Round UP, 2021 DuQuion IL, July 1, 2 &3

    just a little over 5 weeks away. we wont be down there w/any cub cadets, but we will be there. who else will be going? cant wait.. we have this and the next week is garden tractor daze in Portage WI.
  12. rkuik

    charging issue w/a '71 108

    my son's 108 does not charge. have done some diagnosis of it. starter/generator (S/G) starts the unit fine. ammeter when running is on the discharge side of 0, but the top wire on the regulator is gone. verified wiring, all the wiring is correctly placed on the ammeter, starter solenoid & F...
  13. rkuik

    garden tractor daze, Portage WI 2021

    as of now, Garden Tractor Daze, Portage WI is scheduled for July 8-10 at the Columbia County fair grounds. Cub Cadet and Sears are the featured tractors. Check out on face book. My son and I are planning on being there.
  14. rkuik

    Kohler Serial number list, pre 1965

    want to confirm my engine (at least the flywheel housing) if possible is the original engine. i have found the attached in the service manual of the Kohler K series engine, but only goes back to 1965, the original is a 1961. i searched the forum, unless i missed it, for an older list to no...
  15. rkuik

    Life's Goals

    my boy sent me this and made me laugh, especially how he now has 3, 108, 128 and 149. thought i would share.
  16. rkuik

    early fathers day present, 4 digit original

    yesterday went w/my son to 1st area auction to look at getting 2 Ingersolls on the auction, and we did and i got a metal band saw. we got to his place to drop off the tractors and he would not open shed door. i needed help to get the saw off the truck, so he came over assist w/another tractor...
  17. rkuik

    '74 108 Garden special, has anyone seen this before

    long time member, just not posting a lot and now i have been doing some research and decided to reach out to you all. i have been told by some they have seen a "Garden Special" others said decal is not original. i have owned this unit since '82, it was a trade in at work. came in with a bad 10...