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    Tractor For Sale 86 "the ugly one"

    I'm looking to trade my running, working, ugly, 86 for a 107 or other similar condition hydro cub. My 86 runs and works good. The 8 horse has never failed to start and perform since we've had it. I'm paraplegic and can't work the clutch, my wife's hip is going bad and my nephew is too short to...
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    It was pure luck, a gentleman had one sitting in his garage somewhat in pieces, and wanted to restore an old barracuda, I just happened to message and being traveling to his area at the right time. It runs but still needs a little work to be tip top, well tip top short of a full restore.
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    Pin on mini payloader pf engineering

    I'm thinking really hard about building one of these to put on my 127. Has anyone else used the payloader on a cub instead of the regular loader? I think it would be easier for me to deal with as I'm paraplegic and it would be smaller and lighter if I ever needed to remove it for some reason...
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    Hello, my name is Dan, I currently own 3 cubs, an 86, a 127, and 147. I got into tractors recently as new hobby, nieces and nephews and wife, surprisingly enough all enjoy it with me. The 86 or "the ugly one" we call it just performs simple towing a yard cart and pushing or pulling stuff around...