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  1. J

    Finally finished my 1250.

    Great job!....Time to start the next one 😉.
  2. J


    Looks like the bed of my old 70 Chevy truck, I had in Berlin Germany in 81.
  3. J

    RZT54 won't move

    Thanks to the assistance of the nice folks on this forum mine will be going again, as soon as I replace that bad drive belt. Thank you all for the help and humor.
  4. J

    RZT54 won't move

    I have 19 and they don't either....Lol
  5. J

    RZT54 won't move

    Should be simple. Will check. Thanks.
  6. J

    RZT54 won't move

    It is still there. Will have to check tightness. Will let you. Thanks
  7. J

    RZT54 won't move

    My RZT54 doesn't move forward or reverse with any speed. I have changed the transaxle oil and filters using the kit. Any ideas?