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    Greetings from Shane Singletary/Georgia

    Nice collection Shane!
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    My 1936 Caterpillar Model 22

    What an Americat beauty!
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome David. Good looking Cub Cadet 100!
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    100 wiring

    Yes, thank goodness.
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    Model 70 - Odd piece on the side

    Marty, you have a incredible magic touch to make that 70 a real beauty again!
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    Points cover screw threads and sizes.

    Clever looking Klein Tools. Thank you 1811Cub!
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    CAUTION ->High resolution versions of Prototype CC photos.

    Very interesting. Thank you Marlin.
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    CAUTION ->High resolution versions of Prototype CC photos.

    By the way, did John Deere source hydrostatic transmissions from Sunstrand for the John Deere 318 lawn & garden tractor? When I was growing up, Sunstrand had a great reputation for their hydraulic power products. Besides my all-mechanical CC 100 tractor, I also have a JD 318 (bought new) and...
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    42 in deck

    It has been my experience that it has been always great to work with Charlie Proctor at CC Specialties. Ditto for this forum group of very knowledgeable and helpful members. Thank you to all! I am learning a lot. Here is a photo of some of the goodies recently received from CC Specialties...
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    CAUTION ->High resolution versions of Prototype CC photos.

    Congratulations on your retirement Marlin. Thank you for preserving and sharing these great prototype blue prints and story of American innovation and teamwork!
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    Wheels up or down ?

    You may use 2x4s (or 2x4s and a long pry bar) to form a fulcrum and lever to lift and block/support each side of the deck into position with the hangers.
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    New to me

    Starting at age 7 back in Michigan in the early 1960s, I used to mow the lawn and snow plow the parking lot of my church lawn with a brand new Wheel Horse. What great fun and memories with this all-metal Wheel Horse tractor!
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    Wheels up or down ?

    Good question and very informative discussion. Thank you all! I just put two new 7" diameter Martin brand steel gauge wheels (from CC Specialties) on the mower deck of my Cub Cadet 100 and need to set the correct heights for both the 3 mower blades and 2 gauge wheels. In semi-arid and...
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    Welcome Jay! Please post photos of your Cub Cadet 100 tractor and attachments, if you would like.
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    Ohio seat

    That '55 is looking sharp!
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    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet 108 Free to Good Home

    Great to think that another great Cub will be restored and live on, probably beyond my mortal years!
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    Dear Harry, Charlie, Lewis et al. Thank you all for your comments and photos about IHC carts! Kraig, thank you for scanning and sharing all those precious vintage manuals. I've started reading the "IH Electrical" one on fundamentals and applications for tractors.
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    Thank you Kraig and Charlie for the link to the manuals that Charlie has hosted online! What are the main differences between an IH #2 trailer and an IH #4 trailer? Two differences I see from the manual illustrations are that the #2 trailer has fenders and a somewhat different latching...
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    Kohler K241 Engine

    Mark. Your 241 Kohler engine sounds great on the video. Who did the restoration work and where are they located?