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    New from Eastern Iowa

    Welcome from Maine. Still using my dad’s 1972 (though his first Cadet was a model 70). I’ve augmented my collection with a 1968 for snow pushing duty.
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    Points cleaning?

    A crisp new dollar bill works well.
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    Postal delivery problems

    Happens to me rather frequently. I’ve two “homes.” When I get my mail forwarded, they are usually a week late. I can understand that, but I don’t understand sending some mail back to the sender saying I’ve left town leaving no forwarding address. They seem to particularly enjoy doing that with...
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    106 mule drive belt kicking off spring pulley

    I am referring to the idler pulleys in the above. Should have made that clear. Sorry.
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    106 mule drive belt kicking off spring pulley

    I had a similar problem with a 109. A cotter pin let go and the shaft and pulleys disassembled themselves. Many of the bits and pieces were lost in the grass. I ordered new stuff from CCS and began to set things right again. That is when I realized there were at least two ways to reassemble the...
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    A cub cadet video you may enjoy!

    Nope. Rust is virtually unknown here😉
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    A cub cadet video you may enjoy!

    Boy, did I learn a lot!! Hey, what is that neat device you used to remove the mouse urine damage from the bearing plate? Seemed like it was attached to a drill?
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    wanted: old chainsaws and/or old axe heads

    Poulan 71A. Been with me for 45 years. HEAVY !! and LOUD !! No muffler- - never had one.
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    coil question and introduction

    Ditto the above. I left the key and an old (1969) Triumph motorcycle. I was camping out in Kansas at the time. I had just refueled and the fuel tank had a slight leak when topped off. Well the fuel dripped onto one of the two coils which was red hot because the key was left on. This caused a...
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    Hello from colorado

    Welcome! I misspent a large part of my youth in Longmont in late 60's/early 70s. Dragging up and down Main St. in my 57 Ford. This place is a college of knowledge. John
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    Ansel cab?
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    Going to Colorado Elk hunting

    Love it. Reminiscent of the old Goodyear Custom Xtra Grip. I preferred the directional pattern. I don’t believe I’ve yet found a better snow tire than those tall, narrow Goodyears. That Carlisle looks the equal. John in Colorado
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    Tire chains on AG tires

    Chain repair links as sold in your local hardware store would work on a garden tractor application. Some bolt cutters if you don’t already have them. More than that, you can go to tirechain dot com and pick “parts and accessories “ from their drop dow menu. They got everything you need and more.
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    ...and where, may I ask, did you get the lights. Looking to upgrade my 30 year old Ford tractor.
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    Cranky K341

    Welcome, Jim. I’m John. Born in northern Maryland and, due to parent’s divorce, raised half the time in Maryland and half in Colorado. Now as an adult, I live half the time in Maine and half in Colorado. I have my fathers 1972 (?) 109 with mower and a 104 with weights, chains and snowplow...
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    Cranky K341

    Had an interesting affliction with my 109 a few years ago that may or may not be applicable to your issue. This problem went on for several years. The engine cranked very slowly and often required jumper cables. I replaced the battery and that didn’t change anything. I took the starter/...
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    Texas State totally shut down

    They asked the founder of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid, about the future of his country, and he said: ′′ My grandfather was on a camel, my father was on a camel, I'm in Mercedes, my son is on Land Rover, And my grandson is going to be from Land Rover, but my great grandson will be back on a camel..."...
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    Cub 100 carb question

    Try your part # on EBay. I scored a NOS carb six months ago. Of course, NOS ain’t gonna be cheap.
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    CATS Stray, Feral, Housebound, Declawed, and Otherwise

    I think I know how I could get him outta there in a hurry😁
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    Tire chains on AG tires

    One supplier told me the reason was that he chain would fit many different size tires - - therefore cost effective for the manufacturer - - not so cost effective for the poor sap who paid for 30% more chain than he needs and perhaps has to go out and buy a bolt cutter to trim them down to size.