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    Parts For Sale Snowthrower

    Did a frame up resto . Blasted all the parts and painted it with high quality paint . Sprayed all the auger and fan parts with graphite and the snow sticks like it is on there with guerrilla glue.
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    Parts For Sale Snowthrower

    I used that spray graphite on my Arins walk behind and the snow sticks more then ever. It wasn't cheep either.
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    44 inch deck

    Thanks Danderson, That's what I was looking for.
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    44 inch deck

    Hi, Is this skid supposed to have this curl in it ? Should I straiten it out before I weld it. Thanks for your input
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    Cub Cadet zero turns

    Is there a form like this for Cub Cadet zero turns?
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    pally wally

    Welcome, I'm in Barrie Ontario.
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    SB 9A followed me home

    Any one got a diagram how to wire this kind of switch for 220?
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    Hi all, long time lurker, first time post. I have a few quewstions

    I have a 1650 that vibrates like no tomorrow. I rebuilt the engine twice balanced every part in it . tried every setting of the ISO mounts loose , tight, and every thing in between Still it is shake ,raddle before it rolls. I call it old shaky.
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    Kolher flat twin

    What's the difference between a 1720 and a 1730. Was the 1730 a series 1.
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    Kolher flat twin

    were all the flat twins vertical? Most of the pics I see seem to be.
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    Kolher flat twin

    I have a chance to buy an flat twin in a cub. Don't know the model number. By the picture it look like it is a1975 or newer. Can't tell if it is a hydro or not. Is there any problems with the flat twins.
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    Amish shed move

    Dam! I think it would be cheaper to build a new shed then feed all those guys.
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    Foot control forward reverse

    OK, my serial number is 2050670u558100. It has a ball in the rear joint. I assume it shouldn't have two rag joints in the rear.
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    Foot control forward reverse

    Should there be a double rag joint front and back on a 1650?
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    my 782 video walk around

    Never knew people from little Rock spoke English.
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    Found Hydraulic Leak...How difficult to fix?

    Will two rag joints at the back take some of the vibration out of a 1650?
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    Engine pieces in magnetic drain plug

    Anybody have a opinion on what overhead engine would be a good replacement for the 341 in a 1650? I sure don't like the way this one shakes, raddels while it is rolling.
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    Why Huge Difference in HP.....Vintage VS Modern....

    Is this the reason they went to CC's for small engines instead of HP?
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    1650 Starter Gear

    Hi , I'm the guy who had trouble with the new after market 1650 starter that was making the awful noise when it engaged. I cured the problem by filing down the washers that were on the starter mount to about the thickness of the original starter. Now it works fine. Just kept filing away with a...
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    1650 starter

    It is a 10 tooth. This was checked when the starter was delivered. I have to see if my friend at the auto electric still has the old one in the scrap pile I will check the depth of the old gear pattern. I has to have something to do with the gear.