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  1. Rick Hill

    Started the 147 restoration

    I bought a cub cadet 147 and a snowblower attachment in the fall. I have started the dissemble recently. I started with the snowblower as I only had room in my garage for that until I did some reorganization. ( us old guys never downsize). I am almost ready to reassemble the blower. Gearbox was...
  2. Rick Hill

    Why a 3/4 gas tank

    Hi All I am Restoring a 147 cub cadet. Today I was cleaning out the fuel tank and noticed about 1/3 is blocked off . Just an empty cavity. Can any one explain this? I’m just curious. Thank you.
  3. Rick Hill

    What’s this frame for?

    I bought a cub cadet 147 to restore. It came with a snowblower and a frame. I don’t think it’s any part of the snowblower. i think it is a frame to lift a mower deck. any thoughts. thanks
  4. Rick Hill

    Understanding my vin?

    Hi All. I just bought a Cub Cadet 149 ( according to the decal) . I would like to know for sure it’s a 149 and the year it was produced. vin on the rear axle is 205004AU349084 numbers on the motor is K241A. E0049944 spec. No. 46407D also got a spare motor with it. K321A. 2113232 spec. No...
  5. Rick Hill

    Something to restore

    Hi All Just bought a Cub Cadet 149 with a snowblower and a spare engine. both engines appear to be complete and not seized . Looking forward to learn from those of you who know all the secrets when I need advice. thanks in advance. Rick Bobcaygeon ont. Canada